introducing jd2’s micro-mini van!

about a month ago, we wrote about our “temptation” and… well… uh…um…we gave in! J

after jumping thru lots of hoops to obtain a local drivers license, i was able to finally seriously look at vehicles. the good news is that there are lots of great local websites critiquing locally sold vehicles, thus i was able to compare and shop from the convenience of my living room for the past month. i did not dare, however, go actually look at any real cars until i had my license in hand in order to keep “car fever” from kicking in until due time.

we finally decided on miniature mini vans, but the struggle came down to which brand. we finally found the right combination of value, price and quality in a changan brand (local) van and went to the dealership the day after my license arrived in the mail.

after 10 hours of negotiating we finally got to drive our first ever new vehicle at a total price of $5,500 after tax and title. the funny part is that i paid less for this new van than i paid on repairs to our loaner vehicle last year while in the states! ha!

this is sterling walking in anxious anticipation to ride in “daddy’s van.”  “anxious anticipation” in this sense is a loose term as he had no idea what was waiting for us on the outside of the gated complex. 

his first view of our hyperfast 1.0 liter speedster was it’s rearend. it even comes equipped with shiny lights that really light up!

as can be seen in this stunning side profile, the sleek aerodynamic features help this hot rod reach a mind blowing top speed of 68 mph! jennifer is most fond of this ghetto ride’s racing pin stripes and sunshade over the windshield.  can you hear the extra dose of sarcasm in the last sentence?

sterling was amazed that daddy had the title and subsequent right to open the slammin’ side slidin’ door to this phat crackered down.

the poly-based shrink wrapped seats provide extra reflectivity to help brighten the ride. i was told that the pleather seats (conveniently disguised in shrink wrap) are actually as close to leather seats as one can get to the real thing.  wow!

…and for the view everyone has been waiting for… the front!  it has a cool rack on it so that i can ram smaller things for fun without damaging the goods.

the boyz toy… sterling still in shock at this suped up ride’s turbo busters. he heard that it even has horse power somewhere…

though we’re still looking for the “horses” and the “power” we’re mighty glad we gave into the temptation!


9 thoughts on “introducing jd2’s micro-mini van!

  1. That’s great! No more frustrations of standing out in freezing cold weather long lengths of time watching empty taxi’s just pass you by. Their loss.

  2. p.s. I am kind of worried about that rack on the front. As Jarod put it: “so that i can ram smaller things for fun without damaging the goods”. LOL

  3. Awesome ride! Glad you can make fewer trips to the grocery store and travel easier. Congratulations! We love you!! Nai Nai and YeYe

  4. There are so many words that could be used to sum up this post. I will pick one of the easiest…. “neat!” Ha!

    congratulations on your new “big purchase” it sure is spiffy.

  5. Bling – Bling! So, I’m thinking I should send you some fuzzy dice. We have some Astros ones, they would match your taboggan. And/or a bumper sticker that says “Don’t let the car fool ya, my treasure is in Heaven”. Seriously, that’s nice. Happy for y’all.

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