are not my friend!

currently everyone here is celebrating spring festival. even though spring is very far away for us here in the north.

either way, people love to celebrate. and this 3 day national holiday is the perfect excuse to be firework happy.

this being our first year to be here with children (and fireworks) has proved to be quite challenging.

though mesmerized by the beauty of the bright explosions in the sky, sterling is crazy scared of the “BOOM!” that accompanies them – particularly when he’s by himself.

in simple, yet oh so monumental terms, nap time has come to a screeching halt in the davis home. and it’s not pretty.

here’s our attempt to get sterling to nap on the couch – amongst his peeps.

as you can probably guess from this picture, our attempt at insuring he got his nap was very unsuccessful. one of our big challenges is sterling won’t sleep anywhere besides his pack n play. but on this particular day the pack n play was totally useless to contain him so we eventually moved it aside in hopes of getting him to at least get a good “rest” in. of course, this arrangement also caused us to be less than productive as we had to constantly remind him to stay on the couch.

fortunately for me, jarod was sensitive to my current state of exhaustion (valuing my ability to function over a tidy home) so while he vowed to hold down the fort and sterling he bid me farewell to dream land. so, being an obedient wife (did i hear giggles?) i surrendered and made my way to bed – with liberty in tow.

in order to keep this site child friendly i will not reveal the haggard state for which jarod deemed me unsuitable to function any longer.

however, upon waking, 2 hours later, liberty and i both felt better and eager to face the day.

though we’re all still leery of the fireworks.

too bad it sounds like the war zone outside is just getting ramped up.

praying for sleep, sanity, and survival.


2 thoughts on “fireworks…

  1. Y’all will eventually get your “sleep”, and “sanity” back.
    OH, did I say SANITY. Wait, you have two children. Nuff said. LOL

  2. (I’m finally out of country and can comment again!) Friend, I can empathize. Last year during chunjie I though I would lose my mind. I’m so very, very sorry for the uncontrollable/unfortunate combo of fireworks and small children. I hope each day/night is getting better. You are loved and prayed for.

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