spring festival 春节

even though we’ve been here for 6 years, this will be our first year to actually be in country when the spring festival is actually celebrated. in the past, this has been the best time to get away for a bit, but with the smallest baby sprout not yet even being 3 months old…we decided staying put was best and cheapest. also, we had previously been in country all the way up to the actual day, and other years have been back in country the day after, and we got to experience the wonder of endless fireworks, but this year – it’s all different.

the oh so ever important nap time (known as “golden hour” by me) has been cancelled due to extreme noise, thus making our little ones quite grumpy. i know what you’re thinking…”those super cute little sprouts of yours can’t possibly get grumpy!” hahaha. our sprouts rock and all, but this rookie has learned that no nap = no happy.

i digress. at about 11:30 PM, my bed was shaking from all the explosions outside, and this set of videos is what i saw. (click here video 1, video 2, video set)

it is the result of giving over one billion people access to professional grade fireworks, and giving them a festive occasion to use them. enjoy!



2 thoughts on “spring festival 春节

  1. That is incredible! and you’re right – there are no words to describe it – i can’t imagine that going on all night and all day – it’s like a war zone and pretty at the same time – crazy dangerous – we have to have professionals and firemen on hand – they just have at it!!

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