snow & ice festival…

recently the temperatures warmed up to right at freezing! so we figured the best way to celebrate the heat wave was to go out and enjoy it! of course, some impressive snow and ice feats also helped us to get motivated to get out of the house!

here we are: jdavis2+sprouts in front of the icy version of the temple of heaven.

though the exhibition was small compared to those in places further north of us, we were still in awe.

we were impressed by the beautifully lit church building…

and this castle and village that was to scale.

we’re especially fond of the temple of heaven…

supposedly this is a famous dragon boat restaurant in hongkong…

sterling enjoyed climbing and exploring…

of course, regardless of how amazing everything else was, nothing can compete with a train in sterling’s world!

truth be told, liberty and i stayed in the van for the majority of the time.  and though i hated missing seeing sterling’s face and excitement, i thoroughly enjoyed the heating!


2 thoughts on “snow & ice festival…

  1. Beautiful pictures. Bet it was really something to see in person. I hate missing out on seeing Sterling’s face and excitement too. : (

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