the white diaper photo shoot…

one day shy of liberty’s 3 month birthday i figured it was time for some casual pictures of our sprouts.

as many of you know, we’re of the “crazy parent” variety as we have made reusable diapers our favorite “catch all.” with that said, here’s our sprouts looking rather angelic (if i do say so myself) in their matching white derrière covers.

if you’re privy to the inner workings of what is required to have a successful photo shoot with a two year old, then you know that having a favorite toy IN hand is a must. thankfully (tow)mater was up for the “white diaper photo shoot challenge!”

as cute as this photo is i can almost feel liberty asking, “is being nearly naked really necessary?”

to which sterling’s response appears to be, “yes! this is the best part!” even with mater revealing his undercarriage, this is my favorite “what cuties!” picture.

this picture makes me pretty happy too. this is my favorite, “so sweet” photo.

ahhhh… and this picture… this picture makes me think, “this is my normal life!” – sterling’s all about making life fun… and well, liberty, at this point, she’s just along for the ride!

as if you couldn’t tell, i’m still head over heels in love with our sprouts!!!


you may have noticed in some of the pictures sterling’s diaper is safety pinned on him. typically this is not a required accessory, but thanks to months of “rubbing” the velcro loose during his sleep, sterling has managed to negate its usefulness. so safety pins to the diaper rescue!


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