crazy mommy…

ok, i’m sure there’s a better use of the term “shock & awe” but i couldn’t think of a better use for this pictures!

so here goes… the shock and awe… is that mommy has returned to language class.

with liberty in tow.

3 days a week.

if that doesn’t sound like a huge undertaking let me share with you a few things that might change your mind – 1) liberty is not on any kind of daytime schedule 2) i’m still waking to nurse her 1-3 times during the night 3) liberty is not fond of entertaining herself. in short, she’d rather voice her complaints than comply with my needs 4) i have a one hour trek each way to class each day and 5) i’ve already spent my lifetime’s worth of adventure/transition/adjustment in the past 6 months.

so, why on earth am i subjecting myself to such craziness? why in the world would i volunteer to heap difficulty upon myself? well, you see… the answer is as simple as this:

and this:

i want to live in our host culture well. which means i need to communicate well. which means i need to get the language so that they too can live here well.

the urgency to obtain a decent level is compounded by the fact that as time marches on the task becomes even more daunting and the feelings of defeat that much more overwhelming.

besides, i have another reason for wanting to dive right in. i want to make him proud.

day 1 down. a lifetime of learning to go…

even so, i encourage myself with the fact that after 6 looooong years i haven’t given up yet!

pressing on…


8 thoughts on “crazy mommy…

  1. Thank you for sharing your life with us. Jared’s right, YOU DO ROCK!! Hang in there, I feel it is in the plan that one day soon you will “get it”!!

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