street legal…not really

ok, so the name is deceptive. it’s supposed to be that way! J

this post is really about a really amazing mother of two-in-diapers who is doing what it takes to succeed in this not-so-easy-to-live-in place.

in my eyes, my cutie pootie is the most kick-bootie female on planet earth. besides the fact that i think this is how male counterparts are supposed to view their spouses, i really do feel this way about my ultra-sexy gold ‘n silver butterfly.

i was reading last night in a book jennifer bought and it put 2 verses together that i have never put together before but they do, however, make sense. proverbs 5:18-19 says that i should rejoice in the wife of my youth, and goes on to talk about other things i should be satisfied by. no problem! ecclesiastes (ecclesiclausies as one comedian put it) 9:9 says that i should enjoy life with my wife (never mind that the rest of the verse goes on to discuss our “meaningless” lives – but that’s a different subject J).

enjoy life with my wife…i do have to admit that in the past 4 months there hasn’t been much “enjoyin'” going on in the davis house. “survivin'” is a better adjective that describes us lately. thus, last night i realized a mistake that i was making. i have been putting all of my time and energy into the “work”, kids and surviving, and have spent very little time and energy on jennifer.  i have been expecting her to just keep pluggin’ away. 

i haven’t realized just how hard raising two little kids in another culture has been until i took time to reflect on it yesterday, and jennifer has been nothing less than awesome. except for a couple of times, jennifer has been the one to get up with liberty multiple times every night and works to make sure i don’t wake up. she (obviously) does all the feeding, and she still does a great job with our very active toddler – sterling. she also sacrifices a lot to keep up with other people who are not in our city, ministering to others and makes sure that the kids have what they need and manages to keep them cute at the same time!  (if i were in charge of the “cute” department, the kids would be dressed but they would look more like thier clothes jumped them in thier sleep than they do in the pics that y’all get to see.)

yesterday, she started a new adventure. she is now going back to language class, and she does it with a baby in tow! i had to go up to her class yesterday to give her something, and liberty was crying as jennifer was trying to write down notes, and she does all of this without complaint all while being exhausted to the core.

in short, my cutie pie rocks!  you rock babe!


5 thoughts on “street legal…not really

  1. You are such a great husband to be able to see how awesome she is and support her as you do. Yours is the marriage that is described as a partnership in His eyes. Thanks for doing what you do where you are.

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