the prince & the butterfly {the origins}…

on my desktop i happen to keep a running log of post ideas.  which also happens to translate into a long list of wonderful ideas that rarely make their way to bloggy land.  for the most part, my post ideas are listings of pictures of the sprouts i want to share.  every once in a while, some of those pictures have instructions next to them – “photoshop.”

the prince & the butterfly pictures fell into this specialized category.  i knew i wanted to share them with you… but it took me quite a while to actually begin working on them in photoshop.  however, after several quick takes at them i felt that my work was complete.  but then i had a new problem.  how to showcase them… and all the work i had done.

so i came up with a fun idea.  jarod and i would create a fairytale using them.  the idea was simple.  i would write a line… then he would write a line… and we were to go on like this until we had some kind of silly story to share with you about “the prince & the butterfly.”

but alas even that simple idea became too complicated when we found ourselves trying to rhyme every sentence… and then during take 2 the story took on a weird twist that focused only on one of the sprouts.

so i set out to write my own little fairy tale.  and this is what i came up with.

problem 1:  story – solved.  then i encountered problem 2: incorporating their photoshopped images into the story.

after giving it a try in a couple of different ways and realizing that incorporating their pictures every time each ‘character’ was mentioned would require much more effort and time that i was willing to give it i then decided to cheat… and make an opening page displaying “the prince” and “the butterfly.”

so now you know the story behind the story.

i hope, even as weird as it is for a mother to make up a fairy tale about her two children, that this is a gift they are able to enjoy in years to come.

after all, that is how some of the great stories, such as alice in wonderland came into existence!


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