scheduling success!

march 1, 2011

after much consulting with a friend over an all-too-brief visit the night before, i finally felt equipped to begin working on scheduling our baby sprout. up until this point i didn’t even know where to begin – mostly because i didn’t know what my (class) schedule would look like, much less how to create one for liberty that would work within that unknown framework. however, since resuming language study last week i had a better idea of when i needed her rest time to coordinate with my schedule.

so today i attempted my ideal situation.

wake at 7ish (same as sterling).

morning nap 9-11 (during my class).

afternoon nap 1:30-3 (during sterling’s nap)

evening nap 6:30-7:30

bedtime at 9ish (same as sterling’s)

believe it or not, on day 1 my ideal schedule actually went off without a hitch!

i’m convinced these scheduled naps were also made possible by a little epiphany i had when it came time for her morning nap. each night i get liberty ready for bed by doing the typical things such as changing her diaper and changing her into her jammers. but i also do a few other things as well – i put mitts on her hands and a cap on her head to keep her warm. in addition, i turn on a noise maker and nurse her. this nightly routine in essence is the equivalent of saying, “now it’s time for bed sweetheart.” so today during the morning nap i decided to see if this same routine would help her settle into her new sleeping schedule. oh yes, and i also decided to forgo the “nap anywhere” idea and decided instead to only have her nap in her own bed (as much as possible). this adjustment alone kept the loving intentions of her older brother at bay… thankfully with this new and simple formula our new nap schedule worked like a charm!

so excited to report that at 3 months & 3 weeks we now have a schedule!

granted, i’m expecting bumps in the road in the coming days… but for now all i want to do is celebrate our scheduling success!!!


day 2: success!!! notes: schedule may need some adjustment as liberty tends to be very tired 30 minutes prior to when i scheduled her naps to be… and tends to want to sleep a little bit longer during her afternoon and evening nap. for now i will continue on this schedule and after a good run see if it still needs some tweaking.

day 3: hiccup! notes: jennifer & liberty both had a doctor’s appointment during liberty’s morning nap time, which naturally threw a curve ball into the rest of our day. thankfully nap #3 gave us opportunity to get back on schedule… which we did!

one last thing… as much as i appreciate the predictability of our new schedule one thing has totally caught me off guard… i actually miss our baby sprout during the day as she partakes of her naps! but i have enjoyed napping with her and knowing exactly when i can expect to get things done that require two hands!


3 thoughts on “scheduling success!

  1. Look at sweet Liberty! It’s a good time to start working on a schedule since she’s an efficient eater. So glad you are finding a rhythm to your day.

  2. Yeah!! So happy to hear of the continued success!! I love how you are expecting some hiccups and needed adjustments as Liberty changes and as your needs change! But for now…way to go!! Can’t wait to hang with you in the future!! Blessings!

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