life in living…

recently i’ve been inspired by several variations of b/w photography i’ve seen online. for some reason, taking a complex subject and making it as simplistic as whites/grays/blacks allows the subject to be so much more pronounced. at least so goes my thinking. and when you have a stunning subject it’s not too difficult to produce stunning images.

off course, sepia ages the picture allowing it to become more than just an imagine, but a crisp memory as well.

as much as i love these images, my heart continues to be drawn to the color version. why? i think for the simple fact that it is so full of LIFE. love how playing hard produces such beautiful rosy cheeks.

so i’ve decided as much as i love b/w photography i’m much more apt to enjoy my life in living color.


2 thoughts on “life in living…

  1. “Red, yellow, black or white”, your kiddos are precious! (I do like the color photo, you are right, the rosiness gets lost in b&w/sepia. Thanks for sharing!

  2. He’s gorgeous or handsome should I say, any way you look at him! But those rosy cheeks are something to admire.

    Sending LOTS of Hugs & Kisses

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