so in love…

sometimes realizations come slowly, in pieces.  like the moment when i realized that i loved liberty… or shall i say, that i “mamma bear” loved liberty.  that reality hit me during our first night together, when i was nursing her.

as we’ve gotten to know each other (which can be a bit of a challenge as newborns and infants seem to be in a constant state of change) my love for her has deepened…

recently i realized that i don’t just love our baby sprout (which in itself is as powerful emotion the world will ever encounter)… i am in love with her.

yes.  in love as in totally smitten.  in love as in euphoric love.

and i know the day that it happened.  february 22, 2011.  the anniversary of her miraculous beginnings.

baby sprout, when you entered into my world i could never have imagined just how much of my heart you’d call your own.  and yet here you are, taking up residence where i didn’t even know an inch of space remained and laying claim to areas of myself i didn’t even know existed.  and i assure you i don’t mind one bit.  ’cause i’m totally, absolutely, head over heels in love with you.  thank you for growing my heart and giving it much happiness.  i {am in} love {with} you.  ~forever your grateful mommy


6 thoughts on “so in love…

  1. Cute picture – can you email me just the picture of Liberty. I printed out 8x 10 pictures of Jaxon and Liberty to add to the row of granskids’ pictures but I like this one where she’s smiling. Love you all!!

  2. Jennifer I saw your post shortly after it came up and after reading it I was too emotional to try to make a comment. You have the most special gift of expression that ever could be and I am so very proud of you and I know that Liberty will be too when she gets older and reads about your feelings for her. I Love You So Very Much!

  3. You did GREAT on the photos! The grouping is just precious just like Liberty. I know you spent a lot of time putting it together and it came out just perfect.

  4. you know Jennifer “falling in love” were the words i came to also and as i remember with my garndchildren–what a precious miracle babies are–they CAN make you well and can also “make the world go away” which is something i needed when Grandson number 1 was born——-
    i know i also fell in love with my sons but the stress of life was not quite so affecting me then but with Michael i felt the “blues” fall away as i loved and played with him!!

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