tummy time…

doesn’t our baby sprout look oh-so-adorable?

even with that exercise drool?

i think so too!

the reality is, liberty is not by any stretch of the imagination a fan of tummy time.  in fact, she merely tolerates it for a couple of minutes before surrendering to gravity’s pull on her noggin’.

i guess it’s really my falt that she isn’t more willing or eager to participate in calisthenics.  i hear that some people give their babies tummy time multiple times a day.  but i have failed in this area and usually only give liberty a chance to practice these new skills a couple of times a week.

when i remember to give her the opportunity to practice tummy time i feel a strange pang of guilt…

but then i remember, “oh yeah, i don’t really want her to be mobile.”

and just like that the guilt is erased.

and replaced with a congratulatory pat on the back for narrowly escaping the curse of mobility.



6 thoughts on “tummy time…

  1. She IS adorable!!! And just you wait, all that ‘tummy time’ will start paying off when you look around expecting to see her and shes’ already crawled off before you even knew she could crawl!! LOL

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