sprouts: together!

as i was scavengering through last month’s photos i came across some precious images that blessed my heart – pictures of our sprouts together. a rarity for sure. these days sterling rarely stays in one place long enough for me to capture him in digital format and even more rare* are those opportunities to catch our sprouts together… without a little too much squeezing going on or a little too much crying.

in this picture i can hear myself saying: “oh for the love of stickers please sit still and look at mommy! just one more!”

look at those precious smiles… so thankful i was able to capture this amazing moment in time!

and now for a little piece of real life – bath time. and a chance to document our humble attempt at ingenuity… turning an oversized and useless desk into a diaper changing/bathing station.

notice the rags cuddle each one is holding. sterling loves to cuddle when he’s tired… and apparently he thinks liberty does too ’cause when he cuddles he also likes to make sure she has a cuddle of her own.

the playmat has proven to be the most likely place to capture images of our sprouts together. thanks playmat. you were worth the $12!

in the midst of all his boy-ness there’s still a sweet tenderness…

and now for the perfect end of day top-off…

givin’ and receivin’ some love…

we end our days together by thanking God for each other. sterling gets a kick out of stealing mommy’s list: sterling, liberty and good health. i’m also especially thankful for the sweet gift of our sprouts… together.

* rare in this case refers to the number of outtakes there were!

Ni Hao Yall


7 thoughts on “sprouts: together!

  1. Love seeing the Sprouts together!

    P.S. did you notice your new theme is cropping your photos and photoshop designs?

    • thank you friend! no, i hadn’t really noticed. been toying with a couple of themes lately… and thanks to your observation i think i settled on a different one that will accomodate us. besides, my mom didn’t like how bland minimalist the previous one was. 😉

  2. Precious, precious pictures of your kids together! We have the same playmat, and Apple and Rosston both loved it! It became our diaper changing station. They were well entertained while I got down to business. 🙂 Love you! –Kimberly

  3. You didn’t have to change it just because I mentioned that it looked ……….unfinshed? LOL But I’m glad you did. The heading picture is just perfect, precious and beautiful!!!!! Thank you!

    I’m just glad you don’t have a poll on choosing which is the favorite! I would have to recuse myself due to (major) conflict of interest! LOL

    Again, I know how much effort is put into finding and giving a comment on the (just right) pictures that you post and it is GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!

    Love You – Thank You – Miss You

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