warm prompt: we’re (in)famous…

there’s a joke in this part of the world that you never know where your picture will end up.

i guess it’s not so much a joke anymore… but a warning!

for good measure i think it’s important that you know that who you’re seeing in this picture really is us.

and to answer our own your question… no, this picture is not courtesy the magic of photoshop.

now, for the back story: almost 2 years ago we were running some errands downtown in our old city when, while minding our own business, we heard someone yell out jarod’s local name. for a moment we debated if we should ignore the call… but ultimately we gave into our natural instincts and as we turned around we saw these two officers trying to get our attention. at first we were a bit alarmed wondering what we could have done wrong… and because two random strangers (in our opinion) knew our names. soon thereafter a couple of other people arrived, one with video camera in hand and the other with a dsl. immediately the officers asked us for our passports – which we’re supposed to keep on our persons at all times, but rarely do. fortunately for us, our business downtown required our passports so we just-so-happened to have them on hand and we handed them over. i’m sure my hands were shaking. it was a very confusing moment. the officers politely inspected our passports and visas and then calmed our nerves by explaining that they knew who we were because there were so few foreigners in town and “everyone knows about the big fuzzy dragon.” then they told us something that we didn’t think anything of at that time… but which apparently helped to produce this flier. they were kind enough to explain that they were videoing us for training purposes. ahhhhhh. immediately i felt much, much better and i think it was then that my head stopped spinning, my heart stopped racing and my hands stopped shaking.

what we didn’t know then… or until recently, nearly 2 years later, is that little encounter would result in our picture being posted thousands of miles away.

as a warning.

to all other foreigners.


if you can envision being randomly interviewed one day – in new york, then 2 years later a friend* – in houston, sends you a picture of yourself that was posted on billboards and in every hotel room you have some idea as to how totally and completely strange this is.

strange… and funny.

so, for those who have visited/have thought about visiting/will be visiting us… you have been warned.

sincerely, your (in)famous friends J

*thanks friend for the picture and the laugh!  so grateful we were able to grace your hotel room.  just remember… our eyes are on you!  ha!


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