plane fun…

we’ve been having a lot of fun around our home these days… watching our lil’ sprout having fun.  he’s developed quite the imagination in the last couple of months and everything in his life is certainly becoming more interesting.

for instance, who needs a he-man castle when you have something as versitle as a barn, complete with silo elevator?  and let me tell you his barn is paying itself off these days as it routinely functions as a plane hangar, boat, garage and puzzle (hmmm… can i make this fit in there too?).

looking forward to when the barn begins to also function as a doll house.  🙂

hoping in the coming weeks, months and years to beef up my own imagination score!


One thought on “plane fun…

  1. He’s really getting to be such a big boy. Looks like he’s saying “What’s the big deal?” LOL

    Love You

    Hugs and Kisses from Lao Lao

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