accepting the marks of imperfection…

i remember being absolutely petrified when sterling would acquire a bump or bruise. not so much because he cried, or because it hurt him (for rarely did he even seem to notice when such things happened to him), not even because it may-have-possibly-maybe-made-me-look-like-a-bad-mommy… oh no, i’d fall into a well of sadness for the simple fact that his otherwise perfect self encountered the world… and it had left its mark!

however, it seems that those days of falling into a well of motherly agony over every scrape, bruise or cut have come an end.

our most recent string of imperfection began on march 27…

when liberty experienced her first childcare situation. somehow, and we all know these kinds of things happen, one of the worker’s nails got in the way and liberty was presented to us with this mark of badness across her cheek. i was sad for liberty as after the encounter the childcare workers were unable to calm her down… and though this picture doesn’t do the incision justice it was in fact a very deep cut. surprising to me, jarod was the one that was really upset. he asked if the lady’s nail was filed into a knife. i didn’t inspect her nails but i seriously doubted it. so, with a bit of grace and an ounce of understanding we accepted the fact that at times the world can be a sharp place.

then, just as the mark of badness was healing on her cheek a mysterious cut appeared near her left eye. we suspected sterling (the eye poking enthusiast of the family) of the breech of gentleness but noting there was nothing that could be done about it i toughened my heart a little more with the understanding that this kind of brotherly behavior is the norm.

just as liberty’s cheek and eye were on their way to complete healing…

and we were once again about to experience sprout perfection sterling had his own encounter (see bruise on cheek)…

i’m not exactly sure what he encountered for it truly was one of those instances of “things that go bump in the night.” what i i do know is his running/climbing around his room during the middle of the night left a mark… or as jarod like’s to say, a battle wound.

on april 2nd we began totting around 2 chilldren who had incurred facial imperfection. so sad.

then… just after i came to terms with the fact that my children’s banged up faces in no way determines my value as a mother i added my own nails as sharp as a knife mark… somehow my nail caught sterling’s skin and peeled it like a carrot. ouch! in the course of a milli-second i managed to leave yet another mark on sterling’s otherwise perfect face!

and that my friends is when the “what happened to your children’s faces?” questions began. so, because i don’t like those questions (sigh…) these days we’re finding creative ways to show only our best sides.

looks like perfection to me!


One thought on “accepting the marks of imperfection…

  1. OOOHHHHhhhhhhhh. Poor babies. I’m glad to read though that you came to terms that there will always be UhOh’s, BoBo’s and BooBoo’s. It does not reflect on you as a good mother or Jarod as a good father. The only way all that could be avoided is to keep them wrapped up and by your side 24/7. LOL THEN ya’ll would be labled as terrible parents!!

    In my opinion the two of you are probably the best parents any child could have. With all the love you have to share and your love in Dad, there’s no question about it!!!

    With all my LOVE

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