still suffering the repercussions…

last monday we left for a weeklong family excursion.  our first as a family of 4.  a daring adventure fraught with great anxiety on my part and anticipation on jarod’s part.  totally unaware and lacking any comprehension on the sprout’s part.

once we landed at our destination the sprouts and i pretty much stayed inside for the week.  that was not the plan.  but that was what was required.  thanks slightly to imminent weather but mostly to sterling’s irrational and disobedient behavior coupled with my exhaustion and topped off by liberty’s teething and fussiness.

[before i go on i must give a shout out: special thanks to the special lady who helped me maintain my sanity and who served me and the sprouts well the entire time… you really are a saint.]

even with tons of help from said saint, several days post return i’m still trying to recuperate.

so now you know the why of the waaaaay delayed post.

i never expected to take a blogging hiatus… but then again who would knowingly travel out of town if there was only a promise of 3 or 4 hours of collective sleep, per night… for a week?

not me.

so even as i write this i have the fear that maybe i’m really dreaming… and that when i wake you still won’t know that we’re alive and well (for all practical purposes) and i’ll have to re-muster the strength to rewrite my thoughts.

though i doubt i will be able to ’cause my brain is not functioning well.

but then again, if i am in fact dreaming that means i’m also sleeping.  and that thought makes me happy.

so before i wake from my possible dream i’m gonna publish this post.  so you know… yes, we’re back.  kinda.

until i figure out how to do more than just maintain…

grace & peace…

and sleep!


One thought on “still suffering the repercussions…

  1. Glad you are back!! Travelling with little ones is not easy!! It does get easier as they get older!! Love you all!!

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