traditional sprouts, the (un)traditional way…

february 9, 2011

since it was uncomfortably cold outside and nice and toasty (80 degrees) inside i decided to dress our sprouts up in two traditional outfits we’ve had in our home for many, many years. it was such a joy to finally put them to good use!

i can honestly say i never expected to put them to use at the same exact time!

and yes, they are both of the split pant variety… though liberty’s is nothing more than a piece of cloth, a ribbon for the neck and some elastic for the legs.

back in the day, probably pre-2008, i just had to have this outfit. not sure why exactly because it is after all a little boy’s outfit.

even though i’m not sure what prompted me to buy this particular outfit at that time, i now know that Dad was in fact preparing my heart for sterling…

because if he is anything… he is all boy!

and well, Dad also knew we’d get our girl… in his perfect timing, his way!

over the past 6 years i’ve learned that most of the best gifts in my life come about when i don’t do things the traditional way!


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