my {2nd} mother’s day!!!

the day began wonderfully with liberty sleeping in past 7 am. ah, what a wonderful gift. i almost felt guilty for waking her… but then again, that feeling was short-lived as i know she’s never had such qualms about waking me… and well, it was time for our day to begin. thankfully she woke happily.

during our very long process to get ready to leave the house sterling took a moment to teach liberty to crawl – again. she hasn’t yet got the hang of it though she is inch-worming all over the place and pushing her way around the room – backwards.

after a heaping bowl full of oatmeal (just what i was hoping for) and taking care of feeding/dressing the sprouts the next priority was taking pictures. here’s one of my early morning attempts of capturing the sprouts together. with sunday busyness and whacked out napping schedules one can never count on having a perfect picture opportunity. Unfortunately, this was the best i could do… given the morning craziness.

apparently the morning rush didn’t affect sterling as he managed to make butterfly wings out of liberty’s floor mat and propel his happy self all over the house showing off his latest creation.

in the meantime, liberty enjoyed scooting all over her new floor mats.

we had a wonderful time at church as we talked about how we (could) honor our moms from afar. i left with two beautiful purple roses (my absolute favorite color of rose!) and we all had full stomachs thanks to some dear friends who really went out of their way to provide a very hearty brunch for all of us meeting together on this special day.

after we returned home both sprouts went down for a nap and jarod and i watched karate kid. how often does that happen!?! never! thanks to simultaneous and unusually long for sunday naps we thoroughly enjoyed this special treat! then, because it is after all mother’s day, jarod lovingly offered to take pictures of me with the sprouts… my one ongoing nag request. since liberty woke up first he was able to capture some of just us two – mother and daughter. lovin’ the tutu that we just received from friends in the mail this week!

although the flash failed us on this shot i love the tenderness captured in this image.

’cause i really am totally in love with my gotta-show-off-my-protruding-tongue baby sprout!

and i’m totally in love with lovin’ on her… fuzzy head and all!

when sterling woke up the sprouts had some floor time – together.

to watch them making each other laugh truly blesses my heart. my hope and prayer is that they will be the best of friends.

eventually it was sterling’s turn to take pictures with mommy.

which, for all practical purposes, feels more like wrangling a calf than posing with a child. he’s always on the go… even, or shall i say especially when the camera makes an appearance.

sometimes, however, i am able to convince him to look at the camera with me.

even so, all the hard work required is well worth the effort to capture moments like these these. pure bliss!

absolutely love our sprouts… and so incredibly grateful for each of them every single day. ’cause truly, every single day is mother’s day in our home!

recently i heard this quote, and found it strikingly honest: a man’s work is from sun to sun, but a mother’s work is never done.  ~author unknown


but then i read this quote, and found it amazingly hopeful: i remember my mother’s prayers and they have always followed me.  they have clung to me all my life.  ~abraham Lincoln


and i pray that in the midst of each season of motherhood i remember this, my favorite quote: motherhood – the days are long, but the years are short. ~author unknown

Ni Hao Yall


5 thoughts on “my {2nd} mother’s day!!!

  1. Love, love, love the photos of you with your kiddos. They are so real! I never get those photos since I am always behind the camera. Hee. Glad you took the time to capture those!

  2. Guys, thanks for the wonderful pics on this awesome day. I do enjoy watching my “other kids” grow. Love keeping up with all the sprouts young and old. nanamaw

  3. Happy second Mother’s Day! I’m so glad you left and comment so I could visit your blog and follow along. I love it how you wrote on the ‘about’ page how unpredictable our God is – amen to that! After I started to follow Him life has never been dull 😉

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