{march} too good not to share…

here’s some pictures from march (yes, march) that i thought were too good not to share. sorry it took me so long to post them… but i’m sure you’ll agree, they were worth the wait!

sterling 3.11.2011

liberty & mommy 3.14.2011

liberty & sterling 3.25.2011

liberty 3.24.2011

sterling & liberty 3.19.2011

liberty 3.10.2011

liberty 3.12.2011

love! these gigantic smiles. the super sterling outfit. the blanket made with love. the clothes given in anticipation. the famous cowlick. the memories these images provoke. the capturing of these too brief moments. and the fact that i get to share them with you.


4 thoughts on “{march} too good not to share…

  1. Too good not to share, for sure. Love them all! Cute, cute pumpkins you have, my dear friend. Hope things went well while J was away. Was thinking of you!!

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