liberty praise {6 months}…

on may 10, 2011 our precious liberty praise turned 6 months old.

unfortunately, the day began with a visit to the doctor for her 6 month check up and shots.

even after the pain of the pricks we all left happy with a stamp of health and her most recent measurements. interestingly enough, she’s 14.5 lbs and 26.5 inches… which translates into one loooong, skinny baby.

i am proud to say liberty is also a cuddler. i didn’t realize this until jarod pointed out she doesn’t just nurse for nourishment… but also uses it as a time to reconnect with mommy and to be comforted. i would say it’s certainly one of her favorite pastimes… and increasingly one of mine as well.  in addition, she’s starting to rest on both me and jarod.  a gift i consider sweeter than sugar!  speaking of sweet… i was trying to hold off making foods as long as possible but at 5 months old she began waking every hour to nurse!  so at 5 months, 6 days old i was forced to introduce her to cereal… which she now eats excitedly and proficiently. in addition to cereal she enjoys bananas, sweet potatoes and carrots. sadly, peas failed her delicate pallet taste test. maybe next time… or the time after.

…or maybe not.

although she doesn’t have complete back support she is able to sit up over for short periods of time. and of course, she is a master roller-over… which she’s been practicing on since week 2, but is only now seeming to do it intentionally over and over and over…  in other developmental news i cue liberty that it’s time to eat by giving her a spoon to wield hold.  this method really does serve both of us well as she gets lots of target practice and when she does open big i have a clear opening for which to dispense those tasty and oh-so-mushy morsels.

she also enjoys pushing up or “tripodding” as jarod likes to call it. at first i thought what he was calling “tripod” meant she was also pushing up with her legs, balancing on her toes and hands. but no, his definition of “tripod” is this stance. arms stretched taught giving her some added floor height. this position also allows her to push off, and ultimately scoot backwards all around the play mat. we have recently caught her a couple of times with her knees pulled underneath her in a very elementary attempt to crawl. it is absolutely mind blowing how this desire and willingness to engage in such intense exercise is a natural phenomenon.

some of the things i love about this stage in liberty’s life are: her personality is literally blossoming daily and she’s much more interactive with her environment and regularly initiates ‘conversation’ with us.  i love that she enjoys hanging out/sleeping in/riding on me in the carrier (which is by far the easiest way to get around with an immobile sprout in these parts) and she usually holds my hand or finger while doing so. i love her fuzzy head and her dreamy blue eyes. i love how she shakes her head in the “yes” motion to get my attention or as if to say, “give me more food, please…” i love how she lights up when she sees her daddy and how sterling can make her laugh. i love that she weaned herself off the paci though she only took it a couple of times a week… but not so loving the fact that we must now wean her off of chewing on the socks we put on your hands to prevent scratches and thumb sucking. update: i’m currently testing out a couple of ‘cuddle’ options she can suck on in place of the socks.  😉  i love that when she talks it often sounds like she’s saying, “hi.”  i love that more often than not she’ll go to bed without fussing… and her sleep schedule is becoming a bit more predictable. i love that she seems to have her daddy’s self-motivated, watch-out-world-here-i-come tendencies. she’s a very determined little girl! i love how she slaps her legs down when excited and how she blows bubbles when she’s reached the state of exhaustion. i especially love that she loves kisses and often asks for them by holding her hand up to my face… to which i respond by giving her a trail of kisses from fingertips to cheeks. and i love, love, love that she is now affectionate toward me.  ahhh…

so thankful that though these past 6 months could best be described as “sleep deprived” she has made it all worth it!

Sunday Snapshot


6 thoughts on “liberty praise {6 months}…

  1. Well she’s just A. DOR. A. BLE! With eyes you could dive in to! A beauty for sure! Relish the time when they’re little. It passes SO very quickly.
    Nancy-of the crazy 8

  2. So, So, So, So Precious!
    It’s said that a picture says a thousand words, but I have to say with your comments you put every picture in a perspective that is so easily viewable in our minds eye and is so very special.
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
    Love You

  3. Skinny babies never float my boat, but she is ADORABLE : ) Sweet as can be! I am glad she loves cuddling. And also glad she doesn’t like peas : ) That color is so unappealing, right? Hope you have a happy week with your sweet, sweet baby!

  4. Wow! Both of your kids are so incredibly cute. Liberty is beautiful! Her eyes and mouth are just precious! Great pictures! That’s crazy she started solids so early but am glad it hopefully helped with her nursing schedule.

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