100 (+22) day family portraits…

we had every intention of celebrating liberty’s first 100 days, as is the local tradition, with a much anticipated photo shoot. but alas life got in the way. before we knew it we found ourselves scrambling to find a suitable place (read: an affordable option that would “do it [y]our way”)… then we had to gather a not-so-small collection of clothes and props for each family member (gotta keep the natives happy), which was then followed by the gathering of courage as this simple endeavor meant we would have to brave the freezing temperatures… with two children… early in the morning.

thankfully, i had been coached by a dear friend who’d recently walked the family portrait road. so, after forgiving myself for the 22 day delay we were able to show up to our appointment prepared with a huge bag of goodies, as much patience as we could muster, and a plethora of ideas (printed) and in hand.

here’s some of those ideas come to life…

{playing footsie}

{sterling: kissy face}

{liberty: kissy face}

{sprouts: kissy face}

fortunately for us the photo studio was very flexible and we actually ended up doing our photo shoot in two days, instead of the customary one… thanks to some grumpiness on the eldest sprout’s part. 😉 in addition to their flexibility and willingness to do things “our way” we also appreciated the benefit of working with a studio who obviously had a lot of experience trying to make their clientele happy. let me just say that in our case the assistant probably had a harder job than the actual photographer. in addition, the studio spent hours reworking our photo album to meet our satisfaction. in all our photo shoot required 1 pre-shoot consultation, 2 sittings, 1 visit to narrow down the pictures, 2 visits to view the photo book layout and lastly, a quick pick-up – 7 visits in all. even so, when jarod picked up the book he deemed all the work, and the nearly 2 months of waiting for the finished product totally worth it. (now that’s sayin’ somethin’!) i unequivocally concur.

so thankful that though her 100 day photos were delayed… and our photo shoot really was more a collection of family portraits… i am so gratefully liberty (and local culture) gave us the perfect excuse to capture images like these. because she really is

{our perfect excuse}


{so is he}

lest you think that the adults hijacked the photo shoot i thought i’d include my favorite individual poses of the sprouts. because well, they really do deserve a spotlight all their own.

some of my favorites are…

{sterling goes elvis}

{liberty in lavender}

jarod’s personal favorites…

{sterling: captivated}

{liberty: charmed}


Sunday Snapshot


10 thoughts on “100 (+22) day family portraits…

  1. LOVE the photos! So glad you guys took the plung. Don’t worry about the seven trips thing. Next time you go, they’ll know what you want & it will all go faster. Plus, if the kids are willing, you can select your photos immediately after the shoot instead of going back again. In a few years, when Liberty’s going to preschool, you’ll be so thankful you took these 100 day photos. The extra 22 days won’t make a difference.

  2. Pictures turned out great!! I need to brave the photography studio again!! I got so scared the first time that I have not attempted again. I think the experience would be really different with language and older children! 🙂 love you all!

  3. Once again we are put into a very difficult situation. ;~\
    All of the pictures are fantastic!!! Which makes it so hard to pick just one favorite!
    The next #1: Playing Footsie
    The next #1: LIberty, Charmed
    The next #1: Sterling, Captivated


    The next #1: Sprouts, Kissy Face
    The next #1: So Is He
    The next #1: Liberty in Lavender

    Or I can just simplify it by saying They’re ALL my favorite!!

  4. Oh wow, these turned out beautifully!! I would never even know they were taken in the big C! Way to go, and you are making me (maybe) want to try the adventure that is a Chinese photo-shoot again! Maybe. So glad you have these!!

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