i <3 june!

how did we get here… i mean, in june? and how in the world did i get teleported to 2011!?!

i am excited to say so far june has been a busy and fun month. we began the month by attending a banquet for foreigners in honor of the dragon boat festival. in addition to being entertained at one of the ritzy hotels in town for 3.5 hours (yes, with sprouts in tow!) we (the adults) also received these nifty outfits to wear to the occasion. since it was to be a televised event apparently the planning committee wanted to make sure we were dressed appropriately. honestly though, i don’t think it mattered as sterling and liberty were the ones getting all the attention!

thankfully both sprouts were coming to the end of their week-long head cold and so everyone was able to enjoy the festivities.

also at the beginning of the month we had a special guest – our very own “e ayi”. e ayi lived in our previous city with us for 2 years. she has since returned to the states and to nursing. even so, she made the trek back over to the east side. what a blessing she was to all of us!

in addition to stocking us up with all kinds of goodies e ayi loved on our sprouts and encouraged us. there’s something extraordinarily special about friends who you have shared history with.

also in june liberty had her first bad hair day… look at all that hard earned fuzz!

and if you ask me, she continues to grow in daddy’s likeness… though, as everyone around here adds, she has her mommy’s eyes.

sterling, on the other hand, is working on his rock star look. ok, that’s not really intentional… just a matter of hair maintenance neglect on my part. but seriously, he has found a love for playdough… and would you look at that! he’s making string hair!

eventually i did get around to giving sterling a haircut… but as always, i stuck with the classic shag look. mainly because i think it’s cute and it’s easy for me to do… and well, because i don’t want him to look too grown up, at least not yet. what a cutie!

these days i’m feeling much more rested which in turn allows me to savor these kinds of moments. i especially love that liberty asks for kisses by holding her hand to my mouth. what a sweetie!

these days the sprouts are playing well together… they’re great at entertaining and laughing at each other. what a gift they’re budding friendship is to my mommy heart!

in addition to entertaining liberty sterling is good at entertaining himself. it seems that he has an imagination as big as the sky! when sterling returned from preschool i told him i wanted to take a picture (’cause he looked so stinkin’ cute in his new button up). he immediately said he wanted to take a picture with the dragon and ran to the wall and posed. thankfully, jarod assures me this is normal boy behavior.

can you believe it!?! liberty turned 7 months old this month! not only is she as cute as a button but she is is now sitting up as straight as a board (awesome posture girlfriend!)…

and she’s become mobile! to get around these days she either inchworms her way to her object of interest or pulls herself along, dragging her legs behind her. whatever the method of choice, she always reaches her goal!

here’s a peek at our very own jd2 play station.

this month has also afforded us some very special adult time as well. in the past couple of weeks we have made a priority of sneaking in date nights once a week. this is a rare treat for us (since we don’t have family on this continent!)… but one we feel like is a necessity. needless to say, it has been a-w-e-s-o-m-e to spend time together – without interruption or spit up or crying. thankfully, with the special dates and time to regroup life is starting to feel much more normal these days! whew!

as if i’m not spoiled enough, jarod totally put my happy meter over the rainbow this past weekend as we celebrated my 34th birthday. first let me say, the gifts were awesome… but the acts of love were amazingly yummy! here’s a brief rundown of my birthday food consumption: blueberry muffins, imported cinnamon roll oatmeal, pumpkin pie (all by 9 am!), pizza and fajitas with homemade tortillas!

in addition to thoroughly enjoying all the yummy food, the sprouts were on their best behavior and took extra long naps. what an awesome gift!

as if that’s not amazing enough the day was made even more perfect with the reality that it’s been 4 years since we applied for adoption… and last year was my first birthday as a mommy and this year… well, i have full arms… but more importantly a very full heart.

june… you’ve been a wonderful reminder of how many wonderful ways God has been faithfully working in my life. and you’ve given us many reasons to celebrate! thanks.

Ni Hao Yall


7 thoughts on “i <3 june!

  1. Jennifer, Derek delivered your postcard, thank you for the thoughtful note! I certainly look forward to our visit on this side of the globe in 2013 (I have a feeling it will be here before we know it.) Also…we’ll be all evened up in numbers by then, Philipl and I just found out a couple of weeks ago that we are expecting…TWINS! Feel assured that your sprouts, and ours, will have plenty to do to keep each other company. (besides…we’ve got to keep this world well-stocked in Davises, don’t you agree?)

    Missing you and praying for you,

    • congratulations! that is exciting news… and i look forward to seeing you as a mommy!
      (((hugs))) and {happiness}

  2. Great pictures! I love the family pics and you’re right – Sterling is an absolute cutie and Liberty is just beautiful! I’m very impressed with the way Liberty is sitting up and scooting around! We love you!!

  3. This entire post makes me happy. I’m so glad Erin got to come visit!! And I’m thrilled June has been a good month for you. Way to go Jarod on cooking for Jennifer’s birthday and for making it special!!

  4. Happy, happy birthday! Sounds like you guys had a good time catching up with Erin. I can’t believe Liberty is already seven months old…what a big girl! I love that Aggie onesie – someone just gave Macy an Aggie cheerleader outfit and I think (fingers crossed) I packed it.

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