liberty’s going places!

at 7 months and 3 days old liberty coordinated her efforts and is now crawling.

in spite of my denial of tummy time for the first three months, and regularly holding her, she decided that life must be more fun when you can keep up with big brother!

that’s our boy… a source of much inspiration!

so, in celebration of this milestone (and the impending moment) we’ve uploaded a couple of videos… which you can see by simply clicking on the pictures below.


june 9: liberty falling forward…

june 11: liberty the inchworm (& sterling the climber)…

june 13: liberty crawls!

i guess it’s now appropriate for me to say you go girl! though i’ll keep the snaps to a minimum and just say no to flicking my wrist.



Sunday Snapshot


6 thoughts on “liberty’s going places!

  1. Good job, Liberty!! She’s got it , now! Look out, world, here she comes!! She’ll get faster and faster following Sterling around. Sooo cute!!!

  2. So sweet! Way to go Liberty!!! I love it that she started crawling on Grace’s birthday. We’re sharing our babies’ milestones together. Love you all.

  3. Great video of Sterling with the backhoe remote toy! Awesome coordination going on there!! Good job, Sterling!! We also loved the guitar duet! Ye Ye especially like that!! We love you!!!

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