“my dad rocks”

today we had an unplanned photo shoot in our home. it all came about when i noticed that liberty’s 18 month “my dad rocks” tee* wasn’t exactly 18 month size. so i had her try it on for size. upon the realization that it was sized just perfect i figured today was the perfect opportunity for the sprouts to sport their true colors feelings.

and… being that it’s a week after father’s day and i still don’t have an “i ❤ daddy” post up, i figured this photo shoot would present the perfect post-father’s day gift to our resident daddy.

because, well… he rocks!

and he’s worthy of some thank you’s and a post in his honor!

thank you for being such a wonderful provider of all things good… and yummy… and fun.

thank you for changing and washing so many dirty diapers.

thank you for getting down on the floor to play with the sprouts.

thank you for all the tickles and giggles.

thank you for helping out with liberty.

thank you for letting teaching sterling play guitar with you.

most of all, thank you for making us a priority.

we love you!

*a special thank you to lao lao who has so appropriately clothed our sprouts. J

Sunday Snapshot


5 thoughts on ““my dad rocks”

  1. Pictures are great – love the one where Sterling has leg crossed and looks like he is playing the air guitar.

    But of course the best one is of Daddy and Sprouts.

    Love You!

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