when in rome… 6 months later….

as promised, i said i’d give ya an update.  you may recall that we self-imposed a budget on ourselves (when in rome) so that we could better relate to locals and be better stewards of the resources given to us. we were, ourselves, also quite curious to see how this would play out.

it turns out so far we’re 3,005 RMB under budget for our first 6 months! since our 4,200 RMB public heating bill is coming up, that means that we’re ahead of schedule to be able to pay it and still be under budget! awesome.

the other good news for us is that veggies and other foods are about 25% of their cost than they are during the winter, and most of the warm parts of the year are still ahead of us! in addition, we forked out some big bucks for additional heating after the public heating cut off at the end of march, and we were still under budget. the downside is that liberty is eating now (which costs money) and sterling’s pre-k is getting more expensive, which is worth it since he loves his pre-k! however, all things considered, i’m pretty optimistic that we’ll finish the year with some money left over.

even with jennifer’s recent “it’s for the children” spending spree.



One thought on “when in rome… 6 months later….

  1. ha ha ha

    It’s hard to stay within budget when “the children” need so much or when mama “thinks” the children need it.

    But congratulations on your self-discipline on the budget restraints!

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