i <3 june… wrap-up!

june, oh how i love thee!

and just like that, you’re gone.

it’s okay though, ’cause this year you brought with you the oxymoronic illness of two colds in the middle of summer (poor sprouts!) and almost unbearably warm temperatures.

even so, we fondly remember you with some snapshots of our life in the midst of the joys of june!

with all the heat and sweat our bathtub continues to provide hours of entertainment and fun for sterling…

and the train sets he’s accumulated over the last year+ continues to provide unlimited possibilities and hours of contemplative play.

it’s always a treat to reconnect with old friends, but there’s an extra cherry worth of sweetness when they get to share life’s big milestones with you… like going from no sprouts, to one… and then two! here, our friends are marveling at how incredibly long liberty’s feet are. (at which time i learned that my feet are actually a couple of sizes larger than the guy’s!)

no doubt, the most entertaining part of our reunion happened when shushu (uncle) bestowed this amazing, remote-control backhoe loader on sterling. at first he was scared of it… then just a few short moments later (when our heads were turned) he literally became the “master controller.” seriously, during his first attempt he could control all the buttons and levers better than me!

with all the busyness of the month, this was often the scene. though he’s an extravert, several late nights in a row can really wreck havoc on our family. thankfully, “touching base” usually helps keep the grumps at bay.

this month brought with it the continued shock of how quickly liberty is growing. she’s moved into her 12 month clothes… which is funny because with each jump in size liberty has a new “statement tee” to share with the world. on this particular day, daddy dressed liberty. i had totally forgotten this onesie was in her collection!

i absolutely love blue on our baby girl! and the added whimsy of the elephants – which, in my mind, is forever linked to her birthplace.

recently i posted a picture of liberty in this “statement onesie” but thought this picture was too precious not to share. (for those of you who are interested, this “made in texas” onesie is available for purchase here. )

as we’ve watched people we admire raise their children we’ve decided to use scripture as our primary source for authority, especially when exhorting our children. one of the scriptures we try to practice often is: 1 cor. 10:24 (sterling’s version) – “seek the good of others. which means we be nice and we share.” we have already begun reaping the rewards of this method as sterling is increasingly exercising self-discipline, and putting into practice the truths found in scripture.

and though he doesn’t exercise this principle in every single situation, he is very mindful to share even his most favored toys with liberty. not surprisingly, she still needs a little bit more instruction!

one day sterling came home from preschool with a little extra sparkle. pink sparkle. on his big toes and pointer fingers. hmmmm. honestly though, between the request for barrettes and the nail polish i’m not bothered one bit. sterling is all boy… and no amount of girly accessories can refute that!

liberty is not yet the pro at bath time fun that sterling is, but our girl sure can get her splash on!

with the introduction of two new teeth she’s become a fan of chewing… especially on tags. yum. yum.

unfortunately this month the sprouts experienced, not one, but two stuffy, runny noses. sterling pushed through, but liberty had a few cranky moments. even so, she had many unexpected happy moments. mobility, for one, gave her reason for many of those smiles!

towards the end of the month we experienced our first heat wave… and then just when we thought we couldn’t take the heat/sweat any longer a nice cool front blew through and gave us some relief. in the meantime, we all worked hard at staying hydrated.

sorry… since this post is exceptionally long, please join us here tomorrow, where we’ll continue with: “I ❤ june: wrapped-up!”

Sunday Snapshot


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