I <3 june… wrapped-up!

{this is the final installment of “i ❤ june!” and “i ❤ june… wrap-up!“}

because the weather’s been so hospitable we’ve been intentional to get outside. unfortunately, it’s not always simple with two very different nap schedules between the sprouts and having to coordinate with preschool and schedules. even though it requires work, it’s always worth the fun!


jarod says that sterling’s “mom’s lucky charm” hat makes him look  so much more grown up. i say that everything about sterling, from the sentences he’s able to form (in both english and asianese), his amazing coordination and his (at times) sacrificial love for liberty makes him so much more grown up.

i’m so glad i was able to capture this image of sterling on this beautiful day. it wasn’t until later, however, that i realized that i was actually instructing sterling to play on old rusty equipment in order to facilitate my photo shoot. oops. bad mommy.

during our final trek around the complex we made a pit stop at the playground. in lieu of traditional swings sterling’s mastered the geriatric exercise equipment… which always makes my heart race about 25 beats more per minute than normal. fortunately for all of us, he’s got a great sense of balance and therefore has retained all of his teeth. so far.

while we were outside i met this jolly group of older people. they were so sweet and kind… and all of them 80 years old! needless to say, i left the playground very impressed and totally inspired.


one of the highlights of where we live is that if you look outside our “balcony” (a.k.a. drying room, recycle center, pantry, and treadmill storage center) you get an awesome view of the factory basketball court. yay for free entertainment.

and when not enjoying a rousing game of basketball, you can take in a view of the city… and a sampling of the construction.

thanks to daddy, standing on the window ledge is an exciting alternative to say, simply looking out the window. can you hear my inner-mommy screaming?

this is one of sterling’s all-time favorite shirts. and true to his detail-oriented-self he prefers to (“look mommy, i) match!” his toys with his clothes. this desire to match also comes into play when he’s watching movies like cars (he must hold a lightening mcqueen or mater) and horton (he wants to cuddle with liberty’s stuffed elephant).

recently jarod decided sterling needed a table of his own. and truth be told, it was a wonderful idea! too bad i didn’t think of it first! he thoroughly enjoys sitting in his sterling-sized-seat as he colors, reads and plays with his trucks.

fortunately, those seats also accommodate daddy, who isn’t quite sterling-sized! surprising how something so simple has already provided fun times of bonding over crayons and coloring pages.

liberty, on the other hand, continues to enjoy her “old” toys, such as this “teething cow” from jarod’s grandma murphy.

this month sterling came home from preschool with more than just painted nails, he was also given this really cool dinosaur. (ok, so it’s not so cool looking in this picture, as the “backend” was knocked off during our bike ride home. oops.) apparently, the school had a confectionist come in and make special animal shaped gifts for the children. sterling was super excited about his dinosaur. too bad it was so fragile.

one day i heard a little scuffle and looked over to see this. sterling insisting that liberty hold his hand while he pray… half way through his meal. what a sweet and gentle reminder that these “formative” years are actually “forming” him!

now seems as good a time as any for a confession. since moving back to the east side we’ve eaten more pizza than we have in the previous 6 years combined! primarily because several pizza companies in town deliver and  because we like variety… which, unfortunately, means we’re limited to those places that are willing to bring food to our doorstep (since so few of the restaurants here are kid-friendly or accommodating).

sterling’s toys are getting new uses these days as liberty enjoys making music and playing to her own beat. it’s fun to watch her rediscover some old favorites… even when “rediscover” means the toys are taking a beating in the process.

we topped off our very full and fun month with a visit to a friend’s house. loooooved making and reviewing these sweet summer memories!

thank you june for the fun times!

look forward to experiencing you again next year!


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    (But then they all are)

    Thank You Jennifer and Jarod!!!


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