a chance for application…

thanks to his most magnanimous mother, my 2.5 year old son has memorized a plethora of bible verses. this has also proven beneficial in helping me learn to apply them as well. J

each time sterling is in need of some correction, we work to use God’s word in the process. one of those verses is philippians 2:14, but more affectionately known to sterling as “phil two fourteen”. each time he hears those words, he is supposed to respond with “do eeeevvvvveeeerrrryyyyyything without complaining or arguing.” we also taught him to turn his head in a big circle while saying it so that it’s more memorable.

however, lately the Holy Spirit has had to ask me,” what is phil two fourteen?” in those moments i’m better able to identify with sterling when he begrudgingly responds.

most notably the Holy Spirit has been using my recent dealings with two of the world’s largest governments to teach me how to apply this verse. in short, i’ve been dealing a lot with the irs (tax refund stuff) and the local authorities (visa stuff). every time i have to deal with government employees, words like bureaucracy, laziness, incompetence, bad attitude, etc. come to mind. each time i run into these bureaucratic nightmares, i am reminded to practice what i preach – do everything without complaining or arguing. in so doing i’m promised in verse 15 that the result is that i’ll “become blameless and pure, child(ren) of God in a crooked and depraved generation.”

i was also encouraged recently by another verse. revelation 21:4 says that after the judgment where those whose names are not found in the book of life are cast into the fire, God will “wipe every tear from [our] eyes.” (hang with me a moment…this is going somewhere.) he also says that there will be no more death, mourning, crying or pain. bureaucracy is certainly very painful, has on occassion caused me more than a few tears and yes, even moments of mourning… and, honestly, there are times i fear it just might be the death of me! therefore i can only conclude that there will be no more bureaucracy in heaven!!! we really do have something to look forward to, and that is why i will “do eeeevvvvveeeerrrryyyyyything without complaining or arguing” and will gladly turn my head in big circles while saying it! J

furthermore, ephesians 4:29 tells us to let nothing unwholesome come out of our mouths. i’m convinced that even the word “bureaucracy” will be the equivalent of a four-letter-word in heaven, and since nothing impure will be found there (rev. 21:8) – even the thought of bureaucracy won’t be there either! (i hear the applause of thousands upon thousands, and ten thousand times ten thousand!)


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