independence (day)!

we rarely celebrate american holidays here on the east side. sadly, we pass most of these special occasions with little fan fare. however, this july 4th we had plenty of reasons to remember and reminisce.

for one, we are grateful to those men and women, who collectively we refer to as “the military”… but who, in reality, are individuals who are working, struggling, sacrificing to keep our first home safe and secure. we remember you.

this year was unique in that it was the one year anniversary of one of our favorite memories of our time in the states. thanks to yeye, nainai and laolao who made july 4, 2010 fun and memorable. we will always be grateful we got to share the “glow stick” memory with you!

not surprisingly, this year’s independence day theme was dominated by something much more fascinating than fireworks, this year liberty… and her sidekick, super sterling, stole the show!

(a special thanks to nainai for the jumper that was lovingly bought for her while she was still in utero!)

these days liberty is becoming increasingly independent as she masters the art of the crawl, is able to self-feed finger foods and make her demands wishes known.

unlike last year, which included a tailgate party complete with bar-b-q, lots of splashing in a kiddy pool, a huge inflatable slide and fireworks, this year i had 1 simple goal in mind: a picture of both of the sprouts…

looking (implies eyes are open) in my general direction…


with super sterling’s failed attempts to contain liberty i eventually gave up.

and decided to instead capture the beauty of the moment…

even though the beautiful moments didn’t include the sprouts together.

giving up my “goal” ultimately relinquished me from the stress of the impossible shot…

and allowed the sprouts to simply be themselves.

surprisingly enough, i realized the sprouts aren’t intentionally sabotaging my goals, even if at times it may feel like it…

because even though they didn’t look anything like the way i had posed them during the previous 112 failed attempts…

eventually and thankfully i was able to capture them together!

then, just when i thought i was going to get the perfect shot and both sprouts seemed to be cooperating…

sterling accidently sat on liberty’s leg.


maybe i’ll get my coveted shot next time… or next year.

happy independence (day)!

Sunday Snapshot


7 thoughts on “independence (day)!

  1. It’s a bit like herding cats when trying to photograph more than one child, isn’t it! We have the annual beach trip with the cousins/nieces in a few weeks and trying to get the three girls in the same picture, looking the same way, with some semblance of a happy look on all three faces…maybe I won’t try this year! You two littles are so precious.

  2. I can just feel how tired you were behind the camera trying to get that perfect shot. LOL

    As far as I’m concerned, you got it everytime!

    Love You – odc

  3. Beautiful pictures!!! Isn’t it funny what we do as mommas to get that great shot!? Love your pumpkins. Liberty is growing FAST!

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