bless my heart.

when it comes to the sprouts there are lots of things that “bless my heart”.

sometimes it’s when i go in sterling’s room to get him up for the day and he greets me with a smile and says in his happy, high-pitched voice: “good morning mommy!”

other times it’s when he wants to play the scare mommy game and he roars at me with as deep of a roar as he can muster (which is in itself quite impressive) and instructs me to, “cry, mommy, cry”. i’m not exactly sure why this rare form of pretend is fun for him, but something about me going “whaaaa” makes him happy… which in turn, makes me happy to fulfill his request.

these days liberty is certainly more aware of and interactive with her environment. she’s now exploring the joy of finger foods… and becoming a pro at “dropping” everything on the floor. she’s also recently revealed that she can in fact muster up a temper – which unfortunately is not baby-sized. she’s more apt to put her new skill to use during times of tiredness, at which point she will grab things out of my hands and throw them down. to which i respond, “no ma’am. you’re not two yet!” i had no idea that an 8 month old could be so defiant and express themselves so clearly!

more often than not though i am reminded just how blessed i am when jarod and i are simply “doing life” and then one of us will look at the other and say in a state of surreal shock, “we have two!” it truly does overwhelm us sometimes… the way God has chosen to bless our lives, and our hearts.

one of my favorite pastimes these days is cuddling with sterling and liberty in the mornings. recently i’ve been so exhausted that after i get liberty up i usually lay down on the couch to nurse her. to my surprise sterling usually decides to join us with his bottle of milk. and there we lay, the three of us… happy, content and blessed to be in each other’s arms. it’s moments like these that truly bless my heart.

and moments like these… being able to chronicle in image form the sprouts together.

today i conducted my first ever interview with sterling. and being that it blessed my socks off, i thought you’d all enjoy it to.

recently i treated sterling to the viewing of one of his favorite videos – a day in the life of his cousins in abilene. i couldn’t help but giggle when i looked up from the computer and saw that he had invited “frog” to join him.

apparently cousins jonas and ian’s prayers inspired him to hold “frog’s” hand. precious.

at one point sterling turned around and gave me a really sad face. i asked him what was wrong but he simply answered that he was showing me his sad face. i guess our little actor was practicing. then he showed me his happy face. ahhhh… i gotta tell you, this boy has a gift… and even when i know his sad and happy faces are fake, they sure are convincing!

these days liberty enjoys both chewing on things and pulling up. she can’t quite get herself to standing position on her own yet… (except that one time on friday) but when given a little assistance she doesn’t mind hanging on and wobbling there in place in order to build her strength up. (please accept my apology for the unsightly shadows and distorted large head in this photo.)
did i mention liberty likes to chew on things? currently she has two lower teeth and no visible signs of any new ones and yet for some reason she thinks ge ge’s (big brothers) cars and trains are tasty… must be the decorative wheels! and here i have to take a moment to say a sigh of gratitude that sterling is so willing to share.

liberty has also become fond of “frog” – mainly because she now has the power in her own fingers to push buttons and make it flash lights and sing. it truly does bless my heart that after 8 or 9 years of owning “frog” he’s being put to good use!
what incredible blessings our two sprouts are!


3 thoughts on “bless my heart.

  1. I love the “happy face” wouldn’t mind seeing the “sad face” either, what a riot!

    Looks like we’ll be more evened up than we thought… it’s a boy and a girl for us Davises!

  2. I have to say, Cassie had a brilliant idea in videoing “A day in the life of…….”. And I see where Mr. Frog surely gets around. LOL

    I LOVE YOU – Thank you for sharing your (the sprouts) lives with us.

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