five sentence friday #5

recently i’ve come to the conclusion that NOW is the time to teach our sprouts the art and joy of being thankful. and though i don’t know everything there is to being thankful and i fail daily to have a heart of thanksgiving, i can’t help but want our children to be people who are graciously aware of how good our God is, to recognize how amazingly blessed they are, to be humbled by the generosity of others… and in turn i want them to be givers, not takers.

one way we’ve begun applying a spirit of thankfullness in our home is to say a prayer of thanksgiving for loved ones and friends when we enjoy gifts they’ve lavished upon us. in this way we daily have opportunity to practice the art and joy of being thankful.

“Lord Jesus, thank you for nainai and laolao who gave so many wonderful gifts and for loving us so well… amen.”


One thought on “five sentence friday #5

  1. And I know I should be thankful as well, WHICH I VERY MUCH AM, to have such an amazing daughter and son-in-law. I’m thankful for the love and virtues that are being instilled in my grandchildren.

    I love you both very much!

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