what’s this? ANSWER

last week i posted the care instructions from a household product, and asked people to guess what the product was. 

click here to see the original question.

most guessed table.

seems reasonable since it should not be washed by a knife…

but then again, a tv should never have eg water on it…

and a toga should never be exposed near a lampblack…

however, everyone knows that phones create cracking and scraping… but yet none of these were the correct answers…

…and the real answer is…

a toilet.


2 thoughts on “what’s this? ANSWER

  1. How Funny!!!! Never would have known thats what it was! I could have taken a lucky guess like maybe some others took??

    I’m just curious about the three that chose toilet.

    Was it just random guessing or did they actually know what it was??

  2. Ok, so I just voted before I saw this post and I guessed toilet mostly because the closet cover part and I couldn’t think of why you would be interested to read the directions for anything else on that list! 😉 A toilet.

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