five sentence friday #5

for 4 ½ years we lived in fusion where life was lived at a slow pace, taxis were in abundance and money was not.

for the past year we’ve lived in SONshine, a mere hour away and yet the poverty that i once considered “normal” is now only seen when we make special trips outside our new normal.

our new normal has cars double parked in the streets and lined up on the sidewalks while mopads are quickly outnumbering the biking population.

aside from the fact that we have no less than 3 pizza restaurants that deliver to our home and a plethora of imported goods and starbucks i still have yet to find a favorite restaurant.

too bad i can’t combine all my favorite things from each city… ‘cause then life would creep by at a snails pace, we’d never again be denied transport by a taxi and i’d have fried green beans with my pizza!


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