itouch 4, his risk/my reward…

when it comes to technology even the title “amateur” is too lofty a term to describe me.

we have owned more mp3’s than i can possibly remember, two ipods and two itouches.

all, except the latest addition to my repertoire (itouch 4) have been total lemons. not sure if it’s me or the technology but when it came to the itouch 4 i was unwilling to take the gamble… but jarod bought it for me as a gift. somehow, his decision to take the risk took the sting out of it had it turned out to be a dud. thankfully, jarod wagered well… and as of CHRISTmas i have been the proud owner of an itouch.

so proud in fact that it sat in a state of comatose nicely displayed in its acrylic box for four months.

it took me that long to get up the courage/stamina/guts to give it a try.

and now that i have, i’m happy to share some things about it that i’ve come to loooove.

for one, the itouch 4 has a camera! in-of-itself a pocket camera is a wonderful thing to have when you have two adorable children who constantly do equally adorable things.

in addition, it’s a catch all techie device as it functions as an audio bible (youversion), a phone (skype), translator (pleco), cook book (whole foods & crock pot), an exhaustive manual for my not so small dslr (nikon l&e), sermon collector (podcasts), and gaming/video station for sterling when we’re in a pinch.

but i have to say my two most “ah ha!” and “wow!!!” apps are:

photograms – which allows you to send pictures (taken with camera) and quick blurb to the people you want to bless with quick, little updates about the goings on in your life. recently i was able to send a picture of a hilarious ad and a quick stat report on the sprouts to our adoring family on the west side. i have no doubt that it’s these little moments that make the feelings of disconnect a little more bearable.

china drive – which allows you to study for the english version (yay!) of the written licensing exam. so far i’m doing poorly on the practice test… so grateful for this tool before stepping into the hot seat!

oh and for good measure, i’m also a fan of:  days until – which literally lets you count down the days until a much anticipated date/event/birthday.

ah! this just in! only 41 days until sterling’s 3rd birthday and a mere 92 days until liberty’s 1st!

thanks days until!

and thanks itouch 4… you were so worth the risk!

{kudos to jarod for his willingness to risk it all, even a pretty penny or two, on me!  and props to our friends (cv & kg) who gave us heads up about some of these must have apps.}


4 thoughts on “itouch 4, his risk/my reward…

  1. So glad that you like it. I can hardly use the iphone Hubs brother gave us when he upgraded to the latest gen. I really should learn to use some of the apps.

  2. I share your sentiments even though I don’t have one, but I am fortunate enough to reap the rewards of you having one. :~))
    I’m very proud that you took the bull-by-the-horns and overcome your fear of taking on the itouch4!

    Jarod you are such a fantastic husband and father. Always thinking how to make life easier there on the east side. ❤


  3. We recently got the China drive one…..great app! So hard to believe those are the real questions! I am like you and not doing so well on them!

  4. I am so glad you wrote this post! It encouraged me to finally break my itouch out of it’s acrylic box where it’s been since Feb. and start playing with it. I had taken it with me to the store once and couldn’t figure out how to listen to music on it. I stood there in the store saying, “I just want to listen to music! Why does this have to be so hard?!” I was so discouraged, I put it back in the box. But now, I L-O-V-E it! There are so many awesome apps, like the Pleco app [scans characters and tells you what they mean!] and the my library app [scans ISBNs and creates a data base FOR you!]. I am also now using instagram and Hipstamatic. It is AWESOME! (Looking forward to using it as a skype phone, too.)

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