five sentence friday #6

tucked away in our limited storage space are two very special books, one for chronicling the journey and subsequent joy of welcoming sterling into our family and the other for journaling the miracle of liberty’s life.  neither one have a single word written inside of them… though they are guilt-laden reminders of my good intentions.

to prevent the strangle hold of “mommy guilt” i’ve been very intentional to capture our family’s journey and the sprouts milestones on this blog.  in addition, there are two things that i do that make chronicling these memories, these moments much more doable:  i record and date random tidbits of sterling’s life on scrap pieces of paper which are then collected in a single box and i make notes of liberty’s progress and milestones on a blank calendar.

now… if only i could muster the courage to fork over the money to print the volumes of books i’ve surely written (via blog) by now.


3 thoughts on “five sentence friday #6

  1. I also am interested in getting my blogged made into a book. I am horrible with keeping up albums. I figure my blog is my way of keeping track of everything. If you find a good way of putting your blog in to a book please share. I am trying to research now in all my spare time! 🙂

  2. I’ve heard that blurb is expensive. My plan is to keep posting and hope that someday someone will create an inexpensive way to print out the old blog.

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