celebrating 9 months of liberty… (part 1)

liberty praise

9 months old (8.10.2011)

15.65 lbs.
28.5 in.

she continues to be a loooooong, skinny baby…

and i continue to be totally and absolutely smitten!  (oh my!  look at those tiny teeth just beginning to surface!)

towards the end of july i dug out the beloved baby doll i just had to have all those years ago as we were waiting for sterling to join our family… i did not expect that at just a few days shy of 9 months old liberty would bcome so utterly excited by it! suffice to say, after catching a glimpse of it, much flapping of the arms ensued… and many happy smiles.

between the hot and sweaty days and the crawling, dirty feet liberty enjoys a bath with her big brother every night… and her favorite (read: straight to the mouth) bath toy is this xi yang yang that was first a bubble topper before it became a beloved chew toy.

these days wherever sterling goes, liberty is sure to follow. i have to admit, they truly do bring out the best in each other.

this month my heart jumped with joy when liberty became enthralled with two little books: the littlest puppy and cows in the kitchen. thanks to these two wonderfully perfect gifts i think our little blue butterfly might just turn out to be a book worm after all!

books aside, one thing this girl loves is her mommy. she loves to be carried, cuddled and touched.  for the most part it’s a compliment of the highest honor… but there are moments when it begins to feel like an insult ’cause i know that her daddy is just as capable of loving on and comforting her. oh the paradox. (thanks “e ayi” for the perfect tee!)

it truly is astonishing how much she has changed and grown these nine months. she crawls. she stands… and just today (8.14) she began taking steps as she pushed a chair across the room!!!

i never knew that i could live in a state of total amazement…

nor did i ever imagine my heart could feel so much love.

just another reason to celebrate liberty, our very own “smiley pants”!

Sunday Snapshot


4 thoughts on “celebrating 9 months of liberty… (part 1)

  1. Awwwwww, Ohhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhh, How precious, Awwwwwwwww, etc., etc.!! OH WAIT!!!! TEETH!!

    Wonderful pictures!!!!

    I especially like #3….. no take that back, #1, then #3! No! that won’t work either. Let me start over.

    I especially like #6 then with daddy, then #hmmmmmmmmmmm. I CAN’T DO IT!!

    (You better not dare ask which is my favorite!!!!)

    Love You/Y’all!!!

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