celebrating 9 months of liberty… (part 2)

one of the great things about hanging out with other moms is the chance to discuss “best practices”.

or shall we say, compare.


ahem… i mean, “e-valu-ate…” our children.

well, i don’t exactly have a lot of chances to do that with people here (not because they don’t have children, but because they don’t raise their children – the grandparents do).

so i rely heavily on blogs and websites to help me determine what is “normal”.

i’ve just recently been able to admit to myself, that when it comes to “normal”…

our sweet lil’ liberty, adorable and adventurous as she is…

has a very strong personality.

it’s not entirely her fault.

after all, she is gifted with her daddy’s “go get’em!” enthusiasm for life…

and her mommy’s stubbornness.

a wildly beautiful and scary combination, if i do say so myself.


9 thoughts on “celebrating 9 months of liberty… (part 2)

  1. She is definitely adorable! My little girl also has many of her mommy and daddy’s personality traits! 🙂 The training and discipline starts so surprisingly young!! You are doing a great job as a mom!! Love you and can’t wait to see you and your sweet girl soon!!

  2. What a beautiful girl! I know i am not old nor a grandpa, but for some reason when i look at this pictures i get the sudden urge to want to pinch cheeks! 🙂 Love you guys. Yall are an awesome family!

  3. As usual, I’m loving staying updated on you and the sprouts! Missing those kids immensely! And you guys too! Here’s a hug from afar! 🙂

  4. Love the post…She has such big, beautiful blue eyes. Liberty is a precious little girl and I’m so glad she is yours. Nanamaw

  5. LOL – Let’s just hope that Liberty has more of daddy’s “enthusiasm for life” than she does for mommy’s “stubborness”. Although, a LITTLE ‘stubborness’ CAN go hand-in-hand ‘with enthusiasm for life’.

  6. BTW, you sure are a GREAT photographer.

    I really like the way you use such different ways of getting pictures. It just makes them that much more PRICELESS!

    I Love You

  7. Sterling! What a joy you are not only to your family but your extended family–church family in Deer Park. Happy Birthday!!!! How blessed we all are by your presence. Know that you are loved and I believe that you too are “Blessed to be a Blessing”. Thank you, Lord, and give Sterling wisdom and discernment all of his life.

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