five sentence friday #7

the other day i had a wonderful gift idea (if i do say so myself) for jarod. two problems: as of june we’ve entered the ‘no big gifts for the adults of the house’ part of the year and then there’s the bigger dilemma, how to get that great idea to become a physical gift that can be enjoyed… on the east side.

i’m trying to turn my disappointment of having to wait four whole months to give him this awesome gift into a positive by reminding myself that i have a wonderful advantage in that i have a reasonable amount of time to locate, purchase and possibly mail said gift. however, i have a disadvantage in the fact that i may actually forget what my awesome idea is by then.

i guess come CHRISTmas we’ll know both: how good my memory is and how good my gift giving skills are.


One thought on “five sentence friday #7

  1. LOL – I have a suggestion… Email me your with awesome gift idea and that way you’ll be covered. LOL


    You can tell me the next time we SKYPE and if Jarod’s home, write it on a piece of paper and then hold it up so I can read it.

    THEN you can DISPOSE of the evidence and he’ll never know. Good Idea, Huh??


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