my awesome wife and the village wedding

my wife is currently asleep with exhaustion, so i am using this time to write about her awesomeness. a good example of which took place just yesterday.

on friday night just after she finished teaching we packed into the van and drove to our old stompin’ grounds (fusion, an hour 1/2 away) so that we could go to an old friend’s wedding ceremony the next morning. we got there late at night and checked into a cheap hotel. jennifer got to bed late after putting the kids down and still got up two times in the middle of the night to nurse and comfort liberty when she’d wake up distressed at her new surroundings. at 5 am we both got up, got ready, repacked and pulled the kids out of their very sound sleep. we then met 4 locals in the lobby and were on the road at 6:30 am. i drove us 2 hours through the fusion countryside… up and down small mountain lanes and thru one village after another… all while the exhausted kiddos cried and attempted much needed sleep. of the 4 locals, we only knew 2, and all of them asked jennifer one question after another as jennifer worked very hard to comfort our kids, and she patiently answered each one.

we only stopped once so that sterling could go potty at a gas station outhouse (which was fun for me as he was scared to death of falling in the hole… there were critters down there!).  we arrived just before the festivities began, and there were 400 or so villagers packed onto the little property. our friend’s house is about 300 sf, so very few of us actually fit inside. jennifer smiled and interacted with as many people as one person possibly could, and as you might be able to imagine, jennifer, sterling and liberty were the hit of the show. at 9 am the marriage ceremony began and jennifer decided she would be the on-sight FREE lance photographer… all while carrying the diaper bag and liberty in the ergo.  in the meantime, i enjoyed watching sterling dance in the doorway to the courtyard (where all wedding guests had a great view of the couple and him!)  starting at 10 am, lunch was served in shifts due to lack of seating, and the temperature was rising. even with all of the heat and no plumbing, and less-than-happy kiddos jennifer was amazing. she was excited to see some of her friends from a couple of years ago, and i watched her in amazement. i, on the other hand, was not holding up near as well as she was. i had a “sleepy headache” as we like to call it, and dehydration took its toll on me. after what seemed like a very long day we were able to leave that afternoon, and arrived home 3 hours later. the kids went to bed early.  we ended up crashing about 8:30!

amazingly, jennifer did it all with a smile and a pep in her step. she really is awesome, and just like in proverbs 31, i am happy to be able to rise up and call her blessed.

sorry for the lack of “jennifer photos” – she was a camera hog!  i’m sure she’ll be sharing more of our wonderful day with you all soon.


3 thoughts on “my awesome wife and the village wedding

  1. Thank you Jarod.
    The first picture with Sterling looks like he’s doing his guitar playing. It is so cute. I know that it was a very exhausting trip for the both of you so thank you for taking to time to give an update.

    Love You
    Mom/Norma – ODC

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