let the potty party begin!

when sterling began preschool i’m pretty sure he was the only child in his class not already potty trained. i had heard that this was a requirement for entering pre-k but the school he joined simply said, “no problem. whenever you’re ready to begin let us know.”

to their credit that was the perfect response.

for you see, i come from the lazy parenting
i believe every child moves at their own pace club and i figured it’s easier for sterling to let us know when he’s ready than to start and stop and start and stop. (read: i wanted to miss the “accidents” phase of potty training.)

besides, i figure he’ll grow out of diapers or pull-ups before he reaches adulthood. that is the goal, right!?!

back in january we had jarod’s parents bring this cutsie frog training potty over just for fun… thinking it might stir up some interest. apart from making our bathroom a little more colorful the frog potty was pretty much ignored.

until one day sterling asked permission to “tinkle” in the tub. of course, we obliged. that happened a couple of times before we began reading the “potty” book with him. then, taking cues from the book i began having sterling sit on the potty to “practice”. and just like that he lost interest. unfortunately, though he enjoyed reading the book, he did not agree with the method. so we went back to our original motto: “no big deal – he’ll get there eventually.”

then one day he said, “i don’t want to wear diaper.” with raised eyebrows we stripped him of all hindrances and said, “ok, but you have to go tinkle in the potty” then went on acting like it wasn’t a big deal.

only thing is… it was a big deal – correction, IS A VERY BIG DEAL because ever since then sterling has requested or expected to go without a diaper. and 95% of the time he goes “tinkle” in the potty. he’s also pretty apt at going “poo” in the potty. we were seriously impressed when he began getting up to use the potty (in his room) during nap time. and the crazy thing is, that sticker chart i began way back during our practice runs simply got thrown away ’cause after two or three days of using the potty “like a big boy” he stopped asking for/expecting stickers. though he still likes mommy to get all excited and scream and jump up and down with him. good times for sure.

of course night time potty training is still under way. some nights i wake sterling and prompt him to use the potty when i get up to nurse liberty but more often than not it’s a confusing time for him so i don’t do it regularly.

but i’m not worried, ’cause we’ll get there eventually.

at least, that’s the lazy parenting philosophy.

i am curious however, how he plans to tell us he’s ready to give up his thumb. 😉


5 thoughts on “let the potty party begin!

  1. I like your thinking on potty training! When our four were little I pushed them (early) into using potties as keeping them diapered was expensive! Two of the boys became day dry quickly, which gave me hope, but it took two more years (!!!) to finish potty training all four of them. It was the most horrible stage in parenting these littles. So with Little Miss I decided I would not potty train her. She would need to come to me and beg for underwear “because she is the only 3rd grader still in diapers”. Well, she wanted so much to be like the older kids and at 2+ asked for underwear. Reluctantly I let her and she did great for a few weeks. Then she got sick with a nasty cold and started having accidents, so we brought the diapers back. She was in diapers again for a couple of months, then asked for undies and has been trained since. With both my girls once they mastered being dry during the day they were dry at night too, but all three boys needed pull-ups at night time until they were about 4. I just waited until they had woken up dry several nights since I really didn’t like waking up in the middle of the night to change clothes & bedding… Good luck to you both and I think with your attitude it will be fine 🙂

  2. I also like your “lazy parenting”. I want to potty train Macy soon, but I really want to wait until she is ready, not just I’m ready. I feel like if I start too early and try to push it then the accidents will just increase. I feel better knowing there is someone else out there who feels that way too. Thank you so much!!

  3. That was exactly my potty training philosophy and guess what… it worked like a charm. The finger sucking was harder to break!! What finally worked was taping baseball gloves to their hands at night.

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