sunday morning…

sometimes the best place in the world is hanging out in your living room with the people you love the most.

truth be told, sundays are historically one of our hardest days of the week. wrecked nap schedules, delayed meals and the occasional mishap at our meeting place can make for less than ideal conditions.

but… it’s also one of the few days when we have guaranteed family time.

today, like so many other sundays, daddy helped to feed the sprouts then spent valuable time entertaining them. today’s entertainment consisted of looking out the living room windows and watching four feisty cats playing in the cool of the morning.

as usual, i wasn’t as interested in what was entertaining the sprouts (& jarod) as i was enjoying watching them being entertained.

sometimes the best place in the world is my very own living room.


Sunday Snapshot


4 thoughts on “sunday morning…

  1. Thursday is presently our “Sunday” and I absolutely love it as well! Love the pictures of daily family life.
    Hugs and love, –Kimberly

  2. I feel that my living room or anywhere with my husband and kiddos is the best place to be all the time. I got asked the “if you could have dinner with anyone (past or present) who would it be” question and my answer was and is, my family. Sure, I get to do this often, but it is my most treasured and I do not ever want to take it for granted. Drink it in friend, here’s to a lifetime of days in your living room.

    On a tacky sidenote, good thing Jarod went with architecture and ministry because he could not be a plumber 😉 Love y’all!

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