remembering the every day: sprouts

the last couple of weeks have been crazy ’round here as i’ve worked to finish up my teaching commitment, reinstated language class and tried to keep up with the day to day tasks that seem to pull at me from all directions.

even so, i’ve worked hard to take pictures daily regularly because truth is, so much about these days are a blur… one day i want to look back on these days and remember something – specifically the precious moments the Lord has allowed us to have together.

recently i read a book, choosing to SEE, which once again helped me to have perspective – for the days, for that matter, our lives, are short. and like it or not, my days with the sprouts are numbered… so i want to remember them. i also know even the so-called mundane things in our lives are the things that memories are made of. so here’s to remembering!

on the rare occasion liberty accompanies me to pick sterling up from pre-k. my favorite part is how excited the sprouts get when they are reunited (even after nap time!). liberty’s face turns into one huge smile while flapping her arms and sterling says, “mei me! mei mei! mei mei!” i’m so thankful for the adoration they have for each other!

on this day, our short adventure outside required a few more layers than usual. so it was, upon returning home sterling took it upon himself to begin undressing liberty. he’s such a big helper! and i must say that i just love that every day his pre-k teachers send him home with a handful of fruit. of course, the fruit also presents quite a bit of frustration. the biggest problem not being sterling’s sticky fingers but having to play keep away from liberty since she’s highly allergic to all fruit!

these days sterling loves to play with his “backhoe hoeder”! surprisingly, the fact that it’s remote is “taking a nap” (ie. batteries need to be changed and we’ve been too lazy distracted to do it) he still enjoys pushing it around and from time to time laying it on its side so it can “sleep”. i think he’s hoping that if it gets enough “sleep” the remote will begin working again. i guess we need to work on that!

liberty’s becoming a food feign! she loves to eat… and more notably, loves to feed herself! like her daddy, she’s a full on “bread-a-vore”. in fact, we recently had to put her on a bread fast in order to get her to eat regular food again. thankfully, just a few days of that and she’s back to her “content-to-eat-bread-at-the-end-of-the-meal” self.

in my attempt to make room for sterling’s birthday toys and to help us declutter our living room a bit (since the sprout’s toys are all located there) i pulled out a few toys and put them in a box with the hope of giving them away at our convenience. unfortunately, sterling discovered said box and fell in love with a couple of traditional tiger toys we previously had tucked away. and well, now they’re neither tucked away safely out of sight or in the donate box as sterling has taken it upon himself to rescue them from said box on a daily basis. and really, how can i protest his rescue mission when every time he retrieves them he runs around the house with great joy screeching “squeeeeeeeaaak! squeeeeeeaaak!”? eventually i had to correct his misconception that they were mice… which may or may not have been a good idea since i think the fact that his tigers can both squeak and roar made them all the more endearing to him. ha!

these days “capture the sprouts” is the name of the game… especially as liberty has become progressively mobile! it seems that at least ½ my pictures are fuzzy and or fail to capture the shot i was going for. liberty’s favorite mode of transport continues to be crawling but she’s also fond of pushing objects around the house as she tries out her walking legs.

sometimes just for fun i dress sterling up in his super sterling jammers… for the day. i’ve been disappointed recently as he’s lost interest in wearing the detachable cape. oh well, cape or not, he’s still just as super cute in my book!

for sterling’s 3rd birthday (post coming soon) he acquired more train tracks and cars. and being true to her 10 month old self, liberty had to give his newest addition a taste test. as you can see, toby was a real treat! in other mouth watering news liberty is now very interested in table foods. thankfully, a top tooth has busted through so i don’t have as many reservations about her eating from my plate.

even as you enjoyed a few of our so-called mundane moments, i hope you felt encouraged to find ways, whether through pictures, journaling or some other means, to chronicle these days, for each one is a precious gift.


3 thoughts on “remembering the every day: sprouts

  1. They are getting so big, it’s unbelieveable! Even if Liberty can’t enjoy a piece of fruit, at least she can lick a train with no repercussions….

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