liberty is 10 months old… {eye candy}

disclaimer: this is the eye candy shorter version. if you prefer the wordy long version, click here. thanks!

so much about liberty at 10 months old reminds me of sterling when we adopted him at 13 months old. such a fun, exciting and precious time!

liberty loves playing in the (indoor) sunshine.

mommy loves to give lovin’s.

has 2 bottom teeth and a top one pushing through. while teething she loves to munch on sterling’s rubber band bracelet.

recently bath times happen less frequently and are for shorter durations thanks to her recent diagnosis of eczema.

hard to get a picture of the sprouts together… but i continue to try!

so much about liberty is just like her daddy… even her extra long tongue!

love her big, pudgy hands… but they’re also a constant reminder that she’s growing up way too fast!

when i look at this picture, and our sprouts in general, i can’t help but think: “seriously, can life get any sweeter?”

one of liberty’s new favorite places to be: daddy’s lap!

“star of mommy’s blog”… thanks e-ayi for your thoughtful and sweet gifts, and for your amazing love for our sprouts.

liberty’s all time favorite picture book.

daddy/daughter bonding… in a box!

liberty’s a big fan of sterling’s toys, especially this cool buzz light year ride-on.

further proof of things liberty loves: widow watching and wheels!

couldn’t resist sharing this moment, this precious face… as i looked back over the first ½ of september. good times for sure!


6 thoughts on “liberty is 10 months old… {eye candy}

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  2. Oh my goodness, she is getting so big! Pretty soon she’ll be walking all over the place. I love her pink Elmo shirt and the blue elephant one too. So adorable. 🙂

  3. Those little jeans! Just makes you want to pat her bottom! Can’t wait to see our own little sprouts in their first denim! Love to you all.

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