liberty is 10 months old… {wordy}

disclaimer: this is the wordy long version. if you prefer the eye candy shorter version, click here. thanks!

so much about liberty at 10 months old reminds me of sterling when we adopted him at 13 months old. such a fun, exciting and precious time!

this image isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing but it captures so much about who our baby sprout is: a girl who loves to see the world (even if it’s from behind glass) and who looooves stuffed animals (pictured here with her bed buddy, chang). then there’s the jammers… now that the weather has cooled a bit i dug out her “i gotta have these blue elephant jammers!”. first of all, i love blue on our baby sprout and secondly, i will forever associate elephants with the place her birth – thailand, the land of smiles… and elephants.

at 10 months two of liberty’s favorite activities are staring out the window… and being with her peeps. in this case, peeps primarily refers to sterling. in fact, she’s been known to cry because sterling simply left her sight. if it’s at all possible to have a bff at 10 months old i would have to say sterling certainly fits the bill!

she’s also become quite the daddy’s girl. i don’t know how or when exactly it happened, but our baby sprout has grown a very strong attachment to her daddy. i’m not sure who’s her current favorite as she’s pretty fond of mommy’s love and nourishment, daddy’s hugs and height, and sterling’s entertaining power!

all in all liberty is a happy, content baby. the locals are constantly amazed by her “quiet personality” – which is a hoot to me since she’s constantly babbling. J mainly, i think they’re amazed by her easy-going, laid-back attitude. which, in reality, is a combination of both: her temperament as well as us accommodating her needs (ie. routine, schedule, and her need for predictability).

these days liberty is quite proficient at making her requests and preferences known. she can sign: more, all done, milk, and sleepy (though the last one is pretty much intuitive and required absolutely no teaching!) she’s also able to wave hello and goodbye at appropriate times. even more notably than the fact that she can sign her wants she can also say a few words/phrases. (off the top of my head) she can say/murmur: “dada”, “mama”, “all done”, “hi”, “i love you”, and recently even said “amen” at the end of prayer. suffice to say, even if she doesn’t know how to say what she wants in sign or word, our baby sprout knows how to communicate her demands wishes. does bouncing up and down and whining count as sign language or speech?

liberty (not so fast) facts: liberty is constantly on the move (hence the bruise on her noggin’). thankfully, she’s surprisingly tough.  which is a very good thing considering all the bumps and bruises she’s already acquired.  after much hype (from daddy) i finally got to witness liberty’s ability to climb up the slide at the play place – much to the surprise of all the onlookers and to the delight of her adoring family! she’s crawling, cruising (not her favorite mode of transport, yet), and has stood alone for 1.2 seconds. liberty is currently sporting 2 bottom teeth and a top one is pushing its way through. in these pictures liberty is covered in food because we failed to wipe her down after her meal she loves food! she’s got a soft spot (eg. her mouth) for sterling’s stickers, which have been known to get stuck on the roof of her mouth! and once she even managed to find and try to ingest some of her brother’s poo. yuck! liberty is eating more table food (almost increasing daily) – her absolute favorite food being bread. she continues to break out in diaper rash when she consumes any and all fruit. we’ve recently discovered eczema is the culprit of liberty’s skin irritation. she loves her hydrocortisone cream massages. she continues to be a long baby who is now sporting a pot belly . she’s on the verge of outgrowing all of her 12 month clothes. biggest smiles come from being perched on mommy or daddy’s shoulders… and when being reunited with her peeps. nursing continues to be her favorite pass time. i also continue to nurse her twice a night (to stave off my endometriosis), which she doesn’t mind. 😉

daily schedule: wakes at 7ish. bed at 8. nurses during day: 7 am, 11 am, 3 pm & 7 pm. nurses at night: 10 pm and 2:30 am.

naps: 9ish – 11ish. 1-3. sometimes also requires a 30 minute evening nap.


5 thoughts on “liberty is 10 months old… {wordy}



    Thank you Jennifer for sharing and making us feel so a part of y’all’s life from so far away!

    ODC – Love to you… Love to Jarod… Love to Sterling… Love to Liberty

  2. Great pictures of our beautiful Liberty!! Happy 10 months, Liberty!!!! So many cute pictures . I’m glad she enjoys the ride on, too! Give Liberty and Sterling a hug from us!! We love you guys!!! Nai Nai and YeYe

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