sterling’s very happy 3rd birthday!

the day began with smiles and daddy’s famous (prepackaged) apple cinnamon muffins! in honor of sterling’s 3rd birthday sterling’s morning breakfast consisted of 3 yummy muffins and a sippy cup of warm milk. as much as sterling loved the muffins he was only able to down 1 1/2. later in the morning i gave daddy a lecture pep talk on enabling our little boy who continues to demand his milk to be warmed before suggested solution didn’t turn out to be much better than daddy’s enabling. the next day when sterling tried demanding warm milk i told him that instead of warm milk he could drink “daddy’s milk” – which is a bit confusing since liberty drinks “mommy’s milk.” i’m trying to remember to say “”milk like daddy’s” – see how a little syntax makes all the difference!?!next up was a skype date with nainai and yeye for present opening, round one.

sterling scored big time with this lego set.“buzz” also proved to be a much loved addition to sterling’s gang of playmates.and of course, anything and everything “mater” is an instant favorite…and worthy of a kiss.[i can’t neglect to tell you my favorite “buzz” story (as of yet). upon pushing one of buzz’s buttons the toy asked, “have you ever thought of being a space ranger?” to which sterling looked at buzz seriously, paused for a moment, then said emphatically, “yes!’ jarod and i almost busted out laughing, but instead refrained as we didn’t want to burst his innocence. instead, we took a moment to giggle amongst of ourselves.]

after present opening, round one, we made our way to an indoor play place. for better or worse, the play place we intended on visiting had been replaced and the new one was much more popular (read: crowded) that the previous one. making the most of the craziness we did a lot of tag teaming (ie. 1 adult on 1 child). during our adventure, a refuel break was necessary. thanks to the millions of kfc’s in this country we were not in want of fried chicken or french fries! liberty enjoyed being fed while lounging in the ever convenient shopping cart. her menu consisted of small pieces of chicken, bread and imported avocado. Quite honestly her meal looked a lot more appetizing than mine!

after filling up at the fuel station they were off!

just a swingin’ and making friends…playing with balls…playing in balls…

and being too busy for one person to keep up with!

let’s just say, i learned that it’s a bit unrealistic to be able to keep an eye on our family bag while chasing the sprouts around with a video camera and a dslr… all while they are moving at lightning speed in different directions!

and though there’s not a lot of images of our time at the play place i assure you i thoroughly enjoyed watching and playing with our sprouts!

during nap jarod and i worked to make sterling’s birth day a little festive. (still thinking these balloon sticks are one of my all time favorite buys!) while i was blowing up baloons and frantically searching in vain for his birthday card i brought from the states writing his birthday message on a buzz lightyear postcard i’ve had for about five years jarod was busy in the kitchen creating the birthday yummies! gotta love a classic yellow cake with chocolate icing! p.s. the topers are stickers i found at a local the evening we enjoyed some i ❤ ny pizza and a viewing of toy story 3. gotta love the convenince of food delivery and a family movie night. and gotta love our reason for celebrating – sterling, our (not-so-baby) boy!

then it was time for present opening, round two. between manning the video camera, the dslr and the itouch i somehow missed capturing (in image form) his total elation when he opened his first gift from us: a lightening mcqueen backpack. he also thoroughly enjoyed his train track additions, which included bridges and toby, the train, amongst other pieces and train cars. probably my biggest disappointment was that my much anticipated gift, this book, i ordered for him from a local, online supplier failed to fill my order. even though my book giving tradition was broken, i was thankful for the convenience of being able to rush out to the store during nap time where i was easily able to purchase toy story 3.

unlike last year when we spent the entire day focusing aaallllllll of our energy and attention on making sterling’s big day special, this year our energy was a bit more divided… but sterling didn’t seem to mind one bit. i can’t get over how incredibly much he loves her. constantly amazed and thankful.

at the end of the day it was time for one more mommy hug… which didn’t last nearly long enough. this watching your baby boy turn into a big boy isn’t for wusses. unfortunately, i’m feeling a bit wussy these days.

because we don’t do birthday parties (at least not yet) i wanted to take some of his birthday cupcakes to his pre-k so he could get a taste of celebrating with friends and so i could meet his classmates. so the next day we showed up at sterling’s pre-k 15 minutes early with cupcakes in hand.

let’s just say, everything about that idea turned out to be quite different than we imagined. for one, all of his classmates were stripped down to their jammers and already laying on their cots for nap time. oops. seeing our treats in hand the teachers assured us that it was a good time and immediately ran to the napping room and began redressing the children. Fully aware of the stress we were causing them, we tried to hurry the process along. immediately we handed liberty off to eager helpers, passed out the cupcakes and began snapping as many pictures as possible. the whole ordeal ended up being a lot messier than i anticipated (note to self: do not decorate cupcakes with stickers that must first be removed before consumption!). the children had never eaten anything that had icing and they certainly didn’t understand that they had to remove the liner from the cupcakes before devouring them. in fact, i think our little fiasco thoroughly convenced the teachers that westerners are totally crazy as they weren’t even willing to try a sticker topped, messy cupcake themselves. go figure!

sadly, though we took a bazillion pictures during our 10 minutes of pre-k chaos, only a few turned out as one of us had switched the camera to manual mode so almost every single picture was out of focus. Argh.

not all was lost though, because sterling enjoyed some extra attention, his classmates got to enjoy making a mess and eating yummy cupcakes, his teachers got to experience the outcome of 6 toddlers having a sugar rush right before nap time, and i learned some valuable lessons for next go around!

and with that, sterling’s birthday celebrations came to a close and we all returned to our regularly scheduled life – celebrating the every day with our sprouts!
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8 thoughts on “sterling’s very happy 3rd birthday!

  1. SO MUCH FUN. Wish we could have celebrated with you guys. I know a little boy who would have loved to eat cupcakes and play train with Sterling!

  2. Happy Birthday Sterling! And that Buz story was hilarious btw!! Loved it! And too it is something to be careful of that you say “milk like daddy’s” instead of “Daddy’s milk”. Made me laugh! 🙂

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