our kitchen facelift…

back in 2009 when we were apartment shopping online we first saw our current *home*. needless to say, our first viewing didn’t exactly excite us. overall the apartment needed some tlc, and the small kitchen pictured left a lot to be desired. specifically, over head cabinets and a double sink. so we moved on to something that wouldn’t demand so much of our attention.

however when our friend “on the ground” contacted the real estate agent about option 1 he was informed that it was already leased out. and not squandering the opportunity took our friend on a little tour of other options. and that’s when our friend discovered that apart from the gangly cabinets, the apartment had been updated quite a bit and that the apartment owner was willing to accommodate our needs (double sink, etc.) our friend reported back to us that the “the apartment with the ugly orange cabinets” seemed to be a viable option. we agreed. and so, upon arriving in our new city, we moved into our new home – complete with orange cabinets. immediately we did what any westerner would do, we moved the fridge into the kitchen. then, to utilize as much space as possible we moved the stand alone shoe cabinet into the kitchen, next to the fridge. then we purchased wall mounting brackets as not to lose our limited counter space to the microwave and oven. we also installed a dish drying rack over the sink. and with that we were pretty happy with our new home.there remained a big problem however, the more stuff we accumulated (freezer trays and a chopper for making baby food, as well as various other kitchen essentials) we had run out of space for food. we remedied this by buying a tall shelf and placing it on our balcony and stocked it grocery store style with edibles. and still, our kitchen overflowed. upon noticing the peeling laminate on the cabinets and dealing daily with the frustration of reaching way in the back of the cabinets (all below the counter) we decided that something must be done! and so, after several months of trying to get around to it we eventually made the trek to the construction area of town where we randomly chose one cabinet company and began the inquiry process. originally they said they weren’t able to build just one cabinet, as our order had to be of a certain size. so, thinking of our mildewing cabinet doors, and their ferocious color, we asked if changing out all the cabinet doors would meet that requirement. and it did!

next step, ordering cabinets!

it was a pretty simple process really, we figured the cheapest option would do, no need for fancy handles or slide out drawers. our only real dilemma was choosing a color.

i chose aqua, baby blue and white.

jarod chose periwinkle.

we settled on black

two weeks later a young man arrived to install our new overhead cabinet and doors.we immediately agreed black was the right option!

after installation was complete but we still had some sawdust to clean up we installed a stainless steel shelf we’d been storing (above the dish rack, above the sink)… and just like that everything had a place! even the unsightly oven pans jarod insisted on storing on top of the oven!many people have asked why i don’t cook. and it wasn’t until this past year that i came to the conclusion that i don’t cook because i don’t like kitchens. for some reason, i surmised, they always feel dirty. well, i must admit, my tune has changed.

and jarod can attest to the fact that i’ve been willingly spending more time in the kitchen these days. who knew a single overhead cabinet and new doors could bring such happiness!?!

well worth the $200!


8 thoughts on “our kitchen facelift…

  1. Looks great! If only all fixes could be done so easily! (Well it seemed anyway… the way you told it!)

    Enjoy your “new” kitchen!

  2. Very nice! Compared to what y’all started out with, the new kitchen looks very accommodating AND user friendly. :~)
    I know you’ll have lots of “Happy cooking days” ahead!

  3. Love the black cabinets. They look great. When we moved in to this house, our landlord was actually willing to put in new upper cabinets and we were so excited. The day before we moved in we came by to see the cabinets – not even close to the same color as the bottom ones – two different shades of green! I’m jealous that yours actually match. 🙂

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