self {family} portraits…

in the elevator a warning was posted: on sunday, september 25th the wall on the east side of our apartment would be demolished.

we had long had the idea of using the wall as the background for family photos.

this notice was the perfect excuse to make it happen.

so, as with so many of our great ideas this one also proved to be very elusive.

but jarod had promised me we would make it happen. (read: he didn’t want to pay for professional photos.)

so on the threatened red wall removal day jarod worked diligently to get us all out the door early enough to take family pictures before heading off to church.

thankfully, at 9 am the wall was still standing!

we hadn’t originally planned to “play with shadows,” so a bit of tweaking was required

so thankful to jarod, who made these images happen. 😉

amazingly enough, 2 weeks after the threat of the red wall removeal, the wall still stands!

you may have noticed a unique composite of clothing styles displayed in these photos. let me just say a cool front had blown through earlier in the week but as the morning wore on, the tempture proved to be quite comfortable. in fact, just beofre we were to walk out of the house i changed into a tank top as the sun was proving to heat up what was shaping up to be a perfect weather day. then, because i’ve lived in the NE long enough to learn a few tricks (and because it’s an easy acccessory) i grabbed a scarf to ward off any possibiity of a chill. then, as if on cue, sterling insisted that he wear his new hoodie. it wouldn’t have mattered if the temperature was in the 100’s, he was excited to (as he always is!) put his new piece of clothing to use! and so here we are… in flip flops and outerwear!

Sunday Snapshot


5 thoughts on “self {family} portraits…

  1. I love the pictures!
    BUT (of course there’s always that)
    I wish they were more close-in shots. I know y’all did the best with what you had and I will still cherish them. :~))
    My favorite picture is #10 because when I first looked at it I saw you (maybe the pink top had something to do with it lol), and then I saw your big smile and THEN I saw Liberty with her beautiful smile (it looks like a smile even if its not).

    Love Y’all Much

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