the color of fall: light chestnut brown

after a year and 1/2 of using sun-in & lemon highlights… i decided that i couldn’t maintain my youthful yellow locks any longer. so, taking my cue from my 2007 “going back to my roots” campaign i chose a color online that matched what i perceived to be my “natural” color and after ordering, having mailed over and receiving my “color in a box” spent a week or two garnering the courage to do it myself. then, when the season officially turned to fall i ran out of all my excuses.

true to my expectations the color turned out a bit dark. but if i remember correctly (ha!) the color will fade to my previous “dirty dishwater” color.

but for now, i’m gonna go with “light chestnut brown”… it sounds much better.


8 thoughts on “the color of fall: light chestnut brown

  1. I think light chestnut brown is lovely on you. It matches the root area of the above picture. Good news—–if you don’t like it, change it the next time you wash your hair!!!!!

  2. Gorgeous hair, my friend. Love the color! Oh yes, and the family pics are very, very beautiful. Way to take advantage of that wall before it came tumbling down.

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