i remember {2 years ago}…

i remember being at the hospital for ye ye’s surgery and getting a phone call from the adoption agency.

i remember
being surprised to learn that our wait to you was finally coming to a close… and a wee bit shocked that you were a boy!

i remember
that immediately my mother-in-love fetched her “nai nai” key ring out of her purse… and that the nurses were kind enough to let us see our baby (via email) for the first time.

i remember
the excitement of sharing your “paper ultrasound” with those who love us… and you, the most.

i remember
flying ½ way (back) around the world… and daddy’s anxiety and anticipation.

i remember
those last moments of “just us two” and how incredibly calm and ready i felt.

i remember that look – blank, confused, and maybe a bit scared. i remember my “moment” as i was overcome with gratitude as my arms, my heart no longer felt the ache of wanting desperately to hold you.

i remember the instant you entered into my life was one of pure elation, totally and completely euphoric… a dream that literally came true.

i remember cheerios… and those first moments of eye contact.

i remember celebrating our 1st anniversary together… and how very much we love you.

i remember celebrating how much you’d grown and changed.

i remember
every day with you is a gift and that my arms, my heart no longer ache because of your generous gifts of love and affection.

i remember
that today, two years after we first met you, i am still totally smitten with you.

i remember
that you have changed my life, my world, for the better.

please always remember we love you, sterling (my baby boy).


11 thoughts on “i remember {2 years ago}…

  1. I was definitely in tears reading through this. I remember watching in anticipation as each step in the journey came. Thanks for taking us all back a bit and reminding us of Dad’s goodness. Love you guys!

  2. This is beautiful. I feel like I’m reliving it with you. Congratulations on 2 years with Sterling. What an amazing God we serve!!!

  3. We love this little boy and are so grateful to our most awesome Father who gave him such a wonderful family! Yay for perfect timing in getting the referral and yay for Father’s almighty hand that works for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

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